Thursday, 18 December 2008

The Deletion of my MySpace: "This is For Eva-Jane"

Yesterday I got rid of my MySpace, I was tired of the spam, didn't use it and I wanted to streamline my online presence (and no, I'm not getting a fucking Facebook).

But it was weird, because I felt a wee pang of sadness when I did so, because of what it symbolised.

You see, I only got a MySpaz because of Eva-Jane, it was a device to help with our courting, a tool to bring us closer together, a way of communicating when communicating was hard; it existed purely and honestly just for her, my love.

So much so that the tag line always remained the same: "This is for Eva-Jane". And the meaning of that changed as our relationship changed, until, we didn't need MySpace anymore because we have each other: heart, mind, body and soul.

On another positive note, the good news is that British troops will be withdrawn from Iraq by July 2009, which is a wonderful step, not only for Iraq but for our soldiers, who have given so much in the establishment of a stable Iraq; let's just hope it can stay that way...

18th December 2008 must be good news day, because a UN Tribunal has jailed the Rwanda genocide mastermind for life, the fuck goes by the name of Theoneste Bagosora and it may have taken a while to get him but at last, it is done.

On a less positive note, it seems that the shoe throwing nonsense has paralysed the Iraqi Parliament nearly as much as its paralysed the web; which bodes well for when they have to deal with proper issues and actual political matters.

I'll sign off with Barney the dog's final Christmas video from the White House, watching it is like having your shame gland stabbed and seeing the shame leak from you but Bush gives a supreme performance, which bodes well for his next career as an after-dinner speaker at GOP fundraisers.


  1. That Barney video. Jesus. Srsly. Where do you begin?!

  2. wtf with this video? and this bush wife thing, why do all GOP women look like cheap plastic dolls? Anne Coulter being the queen!

  3. Bush isn't really much of an actor, though he might manage to get a few two-bit roles here and there. Who knows, he might do all right in the next Norwegian Keno commercial.

  4. Mohamed, my friend. Anyone with Middle Eastern heritage should not criticize others on looks. There's a reason they cover those women up!

  5. Steady rude boy, no mean-spirited stuff towards Mohamed, he's a good man and Mrs Bush is a stuffed hag. IMHO.

  6. @M, absolutely not true. And China might have more people, per pound America wins though ;-)

  7. That little girl picture looks like one of the Wii avatars.


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