Friday, 5 December 2008

Dreams From My Father

This is my Pa, looking like the true bad ass he is

Like many people around the world, since Obama became the President-Elect, I have been eagerly consuming his two books: Dreams From My Father and The Audacity of Hope. What a wonder it is to actually be able to gain an insight into the world's most powerful person through these two books.

I have just completed "Dreams From My Father" and without wanting to sound too gushing, it really is a wonderful book, a book that makes me glad he is going to be President, a book that indicates that he'll make a fine job of it: he is well travelled, well versed in the happenings of the world and has spent most of his life working with those at the very bottom of the American Dream Ladder (Copyright. All Rights Reserved).

I'll not lie, the fact he used the word shit on page 4, wop on page 14 and nigger on page 18 as well as referring to black people as brothers and sisters (because that's what they are) made me fall for his style and grace straight away. I can't quite believe this half-Kenyan, half-Kansas man with such a wise head and life full of living is going to be the leader of America.

It got my reflecting on my own father, what I owe him, the parts of him that make me and the parts that I avoid as well as the parts I embrace or turn to when I'm looking for a shorthand for living, for coping and it got me thinking how lucky I am.

Lucky to have a dad, lucky to have a good dad, lucky to have a dad I can say I love you to, or that I can hold, or that I can make proud.

Speaking of which, another glowing review of Zero can be found here, the writer suggests we should be on at the National Theatre.

I can but dream...


  1. referring to black people as brothers and sisters (because that's what they are)

    --I agree that Obama is wonderful. I met him 20 months ago and thought so. However, I ask you to imagine the outcry of a white man referring to other whites as "brothers and sisters."

    Exclusionary, racist, supremacist, etc. You notice he's not used such language since. He has transcended that. There is no such thing as "reverse racism." It's racism.

  2. Daniel,

    I can't help but notice your hair. Is that for a role? Ahahahahaha.

  3. Hello Dan, I just sent you an email. Let me know what ya think.

    Adios amigo,

  4. M@: sorry, that's bullshit, it's about solidarity and a joint understanding of what it means to be non-white in the US. You seem very hung-up with black people getting one over on you and not sure why, you seem to be of the mind that the past is the past and job's done.

    When it's not, far from it.

    I'd worry less about such things and more about enabling those from non-white communities to play on a level field.

    And what does your comment mean about hair?

    Mo: I have replied!

  5. I got the dream book for Christmas last year and was as delighted with it as you. Obama is going to be an amazing president. The words you wrote for your father are so lovely. I was blessed with an amazing Dad myself, gone these three years now but always in my heart.

  6. Thanks Spellbound for your kind words and sharing. Much appreciated indeed.


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