Wednesday, 24 December 2008

I Told You So...(Merry Christmas)

As we approach the end of 2008, I'm getting all reflective and I was reading through some old blog posts and I found this one from Sunday 12th November 2006. (That's right, two freaking years ago bitches!)

It's called "America's First Black President?" and in a nutshell, I make the case for Obama winning in 2008...which he did. Obviously. How prescient was I? My favourite bit of seeing into the future is:
"More importantly, 2008 is the right time for him to strike: the GOP by then will be further weakened, the nation fishing around for dynamic change; there will be no incumbent and no vice-President to deal with. In short, there is a golden opportunity for the Barack Obama to become the first black President. Here’s hoping…"
Reading the comments is fun, from a fear that the colour of his skin is too much of an issue, to sad digs at how black people can't be in charge of anything.

So in smug celebration of my greatness, here is an Obama themed photo montage for ya'll...

Before I go and smother myself in my own smugness, a few things caught my eye to ponder on over the Christmas period, the deteriorating situation in Guinea for one and the call for help from the government there, which I fear will fall on deaf ears as there is no oil...

Then there is a nasty reminder of what things could be like for us bloggers in the West, with news that Vietnam is cracking down on bloggers and banning them from posting things that undermine national security, incite violence or disclose state secrets. Oh and they must be written in clean and wholesome language...I'd be fucked then...

Spare a thought also at this time of the year for the 31.5 million Americans on food stamps, $24 per week per person it hard to swallow at the best at times but even more so, as Sadhbh Walshe points out, when the US government is bailing out private enterprise left, right and centre.

And finally, I know what I'll be watching on TV tomorrow (aside from my complete collection of The West Wing): Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is delivering an alternative Christmas message on Channel 4, which is brilliant, offensive and bizarre, all at the same time.


Merry Christmas to all my readers, friends and loved ones; I'll even extend season's greetings to all the blog asshats that bug the shit out of me.



  1. Hah, that was a good spot. Do you, uuuh...happen to know the lottery numbers for tomorrow? Or if there'll ever be world peace?

    Happy Christmas, man.


  2. So you knew it all along huh? do you happen to know more about the future? like know how long will I live?

    "Ahmadinejad will argue that the world is in its current predicament because people have lost spiritual faith".... and I was a fool. I thought it is because there was too much of that. I appreciate if you blog your impressions about that before you r off to holz

    As for Pansexual, that is a cool word indeed. I will pass it over, a friend of mine is lost for words.

    Merry xmas to you and yours.

  3. Allen Ginsburg was pansexual.

    Graeme is going to Hanoi in a few weeks, to straighten out the situation. His brother teaches English there.

    Holiday Greetings

  4. Wow. Indeed you are great (or behind the conspiracy!).

    I just found out that Obama is a smoker! It's getting more and more West Wing.

    Hugs & kisses & happy Xmas.

  5. Have a very merry Xmas and peaceful time of it!

  6. Ahhhh...but in less than 18 months time I forsee a future when you'll be blogging: "What did I see in Barack Obama?" While he offers an alternative to George Bush, he is merely a politician and all politicians serve themselves and not those that elect them.

    Remember the heady days of Labour being elected? See how shit that all turned out? Well I predict the same for Obama-lama-ding-dong...

    To paraphrase the Bonzos: "Put your vote in the bin, it doesn't matter who you vote for...the Government always gets in."


  7. Darren, I have faith that, far from perfect, Obama will better and that less time will be needed to complain about US politics and more time devoted to other, more important issues.

    Removing yourself from the process is never the answer.

    And we forget, labour did good things before Blair destoyed the legacy.


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