Thursday, 11 December 2008

Meeting Up With Mohamed

Last night I had one of the best times I've had in a long time, a meeting of minds, a meeting of kindred spirits; it was if, separated by different cultures, continents and languages, we still managed to share pretty much the same, universal, human experience.

I met up with Mohamed, a fellow blogger, we've been fans and readers of each other's work for years, indeed, Mohamed pointed out that it is one of his longest 'Internet relationships' so to speak and I am always grateful for his passionate, intelligent and insightful commentary. Also, often, he acts as a much needed voice to counterbalance my fervent anti-religious tone, or as Mohamed put it last night: "my fundamental atheism".

The night started well when I texted Mohamed about how I would know it was him when we met at the station, he replied: "I'll be the Islamist in a turban."

We shared a few pints of ale, eat average English pub grub and aside from putting the world to rights, we felt compelled to share our personal histories and stories, much of which overlapped and we marvelled at our shared experiences, mine in Nottingham and his in Cairo.

The world felt truly small, the lines we divide ourselves with utterly ridiculous and I gained an insight into the idea of a humanity without boundaries.

So thank you Mohamed, an honour and a privilege to meet with you (and I swear that the man who came up to me to tell me how good I was in Zero was not a plant), I hope we get to do so again and perhaps one day, you can show me around Cairo. And for you my comrade, a video of George Bush being humiliated; as none of the soldiers want to stand next to him...


  1. I know it's funny and I saw that clip a couple of weeks ago but I think there was just some confusion b/c there was no where for them to go. They wouldn't have been on stage if they were going to snub the guy like that. They wouldn't have agreed to be the backdrop front and center. I was at such an event where Bush had soldiers in the background and I can tell you that most were honored to be photographed with the commander-in-chief.

    His awkwardness if funny, though.


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