Wednesday, 3 December 2008

The Number Redux

Some time ago I blogged on The Number, which is an all encompassing South African prison gang and mythology, that is striking in its poetry and brutality.

Below are a selection of images that The Guardian newspaper ran, of various members of The Number for you to take in. There is something to be said for the hollowness in the eyes of many of these men and the unbelievable evil that have seen and been part of.

Speaking of unbelievable evil, glad to see that most of the world has signed a treaty banning the use of cluster bombs, one of humankind's worst ideas for killing innocent citizens long after a war has been over and maiming millions of others. Cluster bombs really are a terrible bloody idea.

And I say most because, as you'd expect, the United States, China and Russia (amongst others) have refused to do so.

Perhaps with Obama in charge the US will start to keep better company?

I hope so...


  1. Yes, I hope we do start to ban such weapons but as we do we're going to have to start exerting a lot more pressure on China to do the same. If the were white, they wouldn't get a free pass.

  2. M@: I think you can spend most of life, wasted time, waiting for someone else to do it so that you do it. I spend a lot of time working with kids and this is one of the big things for them, I won't do it if no one else will, or if this certain person won't.

    Can't live like that and can't make politics like that. Got to live brave and be brave.

    Ren: indeed it is, if you've time read my first post on it (if you've not already) and soak it in. Amazing stuff.

  3. Gawd, the contestants for this year's Mr Gay South Africa are a bit crappy this year, aren't they?

    My favourite bomb is the nut cluster bomb...very tasty...though I am totally against coffee creme landmines.


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