Tuesday, 23 December 2008

The Pope and the Gay Threat

It's not really news when the Pope behaves like a bigoted, backwards thinking, homophobic fuck.

He, after all, represents a religion that is mindful of its role as the world's protector against the gay threat, indeed, the Catholic Church's obsession with homosexuals is matched only by it's ability to hire paedophiles to molest children under it's care.

I do have to be careful here, because I personally think that the whole Roman Catholic sex abuse thing is/was a conspiracy to implant the idea that homosexuality is nothing but another word for being a paedophile; a nuanced reading of which can be seen in pretty much every UK tabloid newspaper, written mostly by people with no idea what a paedophile is, or the difference between pederasty, nepiophilia, hebephilia and ephebophilia.

But I digress...

If you didn't know already, the Pope has just come out, so to speak and said that humanity needs saving from homosexual and transsexual behaviour, saving from the gay threat.

And I know that, sadly, in one sense this is a non-story because, I suppose, we should be grateful that the Catholic Church doesn't set fire to homosexuals and transsexuals anymore or go round trying to purge them of their sin and just rambles from the corner of the room about gay threats and other such nonsense.

But this is yet further proof of the utterly anti-human nature of religion. That homosexuality, something common in all animals and all parts of nature, can somehow be unnatural, wrong and against this idiot we call a god.

If you want further insight into this bizarre and offensive mindset, I suggest you read this blog post here, the purpose of which is to outline definitively that the bible is against homosexuality (like, no shit Sherlock, I thought god loved fags). I'm not sure why it was necessary, or what good can come of it but to better know your enemy is to better destroy them.


  1. paedophile, pederasty, nepiophilia, hebephilia and ephebophilia? uhm, *cough*. I'm personally Trisexual, because I would try anything! Yeah baby!

    Sour's post was not worth linking to since it gets higher rankings in google if you do. I would remove the link if I were you.

    I should start collecting what I call "Signs of civilization demise" One of them is certainly getting hooked on such issues. And forgetting how it got to being a civilization in the first place, replacing rational reasons by a feeling of intrinsic superiority, "we are here because we are just great people!"

    By the way "Buh, Humbug" everybody.

  2. Mohamed: trisexual? Sounds good, I read about pansexual today, which i think is a great word.

    As for Saur's post, perhaps you're right, I wanted to out it so to speak as bad maths but as comments are closed no discussion can occur on it so perhaps I will take your advice.

    Bah humbug to you my good man!

  3. The bumhole is the tunnel to hell. Didn't you know?

    I don't think female on female rugmunching bothers the Holy Men so much. Probably because what women do isn't so important anyway.


    x. c.


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