Friday, 12 December 2008

There's a Goblin in the Room

I catch a

Scurried movement from the

Corner of my eye

It has a laughing quality

A beautiful sweetness

A rare excitement

A sense of play I'd sell




Never has the bit between our




Been so funny

And I get a premonition of what our children will be like

(Don't worry baby, they'll be as wonderful, tall and glorious as you are)

I love you Eva-Jane.


  1. Hey man! It was my pleasure to have met you in your fine capital! I really had a fantastic time there, and I have got to say London was always a special place for me, and you made it that bit more special.

    I was going to blog about our meet up, but you were faster. I can still blog about our next meeting though :-)

    Thanks for your kind words man, they really meant a lot, and in reality you are just as true as you are on this blog. Stay real!

    IMO. English pubs rule!

  2. Graeme (Left in East Dakota), moved to Minneapolis. We are in the same circles politically.

    I'm going to check out Mohamed's blog.

  3. Mohamed: hope you liked the post in honour of yourself and you are indeed very correct, English pubs do rule!

    Ren: apologies for the comment war going on over at yours.

    M@: indeed I do. Peace.

  4. Listen to this one mate! I was just watching CNN just now, and apparently during Bush's current surprise visit to Iraq and while they were having a press conference, a man from the audience took off his shoes and threw it at president Bush only to miss his head by a few inches :)))))) the video is due to be out soon. Nice farewell, no?


  5. ABC is running story to, seems to be treu, allegedly Bush ducked out of the way and joked about it.

    What if it had been a weapon?

  6. a shoe is a moral weapon to me :-) I doubt you can get any weapon inside a presidential press conference, presumably they are secured top notch. Alas, the shoe missed his head, they would have been a perfect match.

  7. I think incidents like that will plague Bush, as long as he lives. The hatred towards him is visceral.


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