Saturday, 3 January 2009

And in Berlin...(Part III)

Eva-Jane and I just got back from Berlin, we had a simply wonderful time in a grand city. I can't recommend a visit enough if you've not yet been, will blog on it in depth at a later time but here is a collection of our images...


  1. Welcome back mate! I can't wait to hear more about your impressions, Berlin have such a character! Aren't German's among the most stereotyped people in the world? :-) I find them diverse and interesting, and nothing of the common stereotypes against them!

    btw, pictures 3 and 7 are gross! you look way too Gestapo to be trusted!

  2. Indeed it does, characterful and wonderful. And they are indeed diverse and hard to pin down, as we all are i think but Brits are lazy when it comes to Europe.

    It's me German roots that give me the Nazi feel...

  3. Is that HAT because you are bald or is it really that cold there????

  4. By the way, what is the story of the Nazi xmas tree?

  5. M@: it was very cold you cheeky bastard.

    Mohamed: well, Nazi Xmas decorations were common in Germany at the time, the tree itself was in The Story of Berlin Museum, an excellent museum indeed.

  6. Berlin has a fucking great edgy vibe - somewhat akin to London and NYC (or so I think anyway). One of my favourite memories is of a snowy day in November 1989 (when the wall was coming down) and I sought refuge in the aquarium. I was watching some jelly fish against a black backdrop and commented to my friend, "they look like spaceships" and a blonde, German boy of about 5 seemed to have to muster up his courage before he looked over to me and said, 'Hello' - putting his English lessons to work. I wanted to hug him.

    Other than that, I was super impressed with the German response to WW2 atrocities. The number of monuments, prime real estate reserved to remember. It's commendable.

  7. Clarissa: agreed, we went to the aquarium and saw the very same jellyfish (or not, don't know how long they live for).

  8. Lovely. I was taken aback briefly as my daughter's name is Eva. When she was in Russia they pronounced it Ava because evidently it means something unpleasant correctly pronounced. Yes I know, but I am just feeling strangely random today.

    I'm sorry but the word verification is expric. Does that mean the same thing in UK as here?

  9. Eva is a lovely name, means life I think.

    As for expric...if you mean ex is a prick' then yes, if notm, then no.


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