Thursday, 22 January 2009

China has Right Idea About What to do With Lying, Failed Business Men

China is to execute two people and sentence another to life imprisonment over the poisoned baby milk scandal, which is perhaps a method the British government should utilise with all the chief execs, board members and senior staff in the banking sector; which seems to be a bottomless pit for tax payers money. Surely that would focus hearts and minds on the task at hand and make sure no one fucked up ever again.

While we're at it, perhaps Peter Hain and Jack Straw should be held accountable in the most final, cruel and unusual way? What the hell, can we execute burglaries and robberies at knife point as well please? I'm sure abstract notions can be shot in the head or given lethal injection if we all try hard enough.

I joke of course, I find capital punishment repellent and am reminded of another reason we shouldn't have given the Olympics to China.

On a lighter note, I read with some amusement today that after the slightly bundled oath taken by Obama at the inauguration, he retook it out of an "abundance of caution" which is, in itself, a delightful turn of is Chief Justice Roberts' coda: "Congratulations, again."

An interesting footnote is that two other Presidents have retaken their oaths out of an abundance of caution, Calvin Coolidge and Chester Arthur. Let's hope Obama does far better than either of those two...


  1. Uh, Daniel, just to clarify right back at ya. The United Kingdom and the United States are not the same country.

    In America, we don't do titles and no one is knighted by the queen and henceforth known as "Sir."

    In the U.S., we ascribe only the title "doctor" to physicians and dentists--no one else. You can look it up or ask any American.

  2. I mean, yes, legally speaking, one's name would be prefixed by "Dr." but... it's considered priggish to use the title for any other degrees....

    We laughed like hell when the guy w/ the doctorate in economics at work started to call himself "doctor." Oh, my....

    I hope we can still be friends even if I disagree w/ you one or two issues once in a blue moon.

  3. I know that skipper and I did look it up, a doctorate in theology counts as a D.Phil which means that you can use the prefix Dr. to your name.

    Link is here.

  4. Hey M@, of course we can still be buds, I'm too busy arguing with Zionists and racists and need a man of your vitrol on balls on my team 24/7.


  5. Yes, legally, you can use the title. But socially it's frowned upon in the U.S. Here, we think of "doctors" as those who heal, not those hoping to find work as an adjunct professor, et cetera.

    I have links, too. You're not the only one w/ links, Daniel.

    Btw, I've noticed that the Royal Bank of Scotland has stopped running adverts on my telly.

    The tag line: Less talk, more action! no longer seems quite so appropriate.

    They should be commended, though, for having only 1.8 trillion in (on balance sheet) liabilities against 1.9 trillion in assets. Maybe they won't implode.

  6. I guess you are the subject over at MZ's blog.

    I'm consistent against capital punishment. In the US you can get away with corporate crime unscathed.

    In China they are punished for nor paying off the bureaucracy.

  7. M@:

    This still goes on? Your point has slipped like Shatner's wig from you can't use it, to it's a social faux-pas. You were wrong on the first bit and who cares about the second bit? Scratch that, I care when I get my PHD. CALL ME DR. DAN BITCH!


    Yes I am and I don't think he's published my comments back into his racist mind. Oh well, so it goes.

  8. For a minute, I thought the title was a reference to me, but then I noticed the "lying" bit.

    If it were your child killed by poison milk, you'd be pulling on your leather gloves and making your own gallows. Stop being so fucking middle-class about it. You know in your heart you've got the bloodlust, so don't deny it.

    With regards to oaths, I messed up my wedding vows, but I didn't have to do it again. Who does Obama think he is - leader of the first world? Oh eh...yeah...

  9. Darren, you bastard, you know as well as I that those effected by a crime are the last people you want to decide the punishment.

    Stop being a devil's advocaat...


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