Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Hail to the Chief! (A Bit of Inaugural Fun)

Yesterday was a magical day indeed, including the beaming, bumbling Obama and a thrown Chief Justice Roberts just about getting through the oath; it was nice to see the usually perfect Obama suffer from more than human nerves.

It was also amusing to see the small box used for the First Lady to stand on when she holds the Bible being swiftly removed, when it was realised that Michelle Obama, at an Eva-Jane like 5ft 11in, certainly doesn't need it.

The speech itself was grand and if the new President sticks to it even slightly, we shall be in for a good 4 and then 8 years of wise, prudent and perhaps even inspirational governance, which has already started with the suspension of all military trails at Guantanamo Bay.

But thanks to Ortho at Baudrilliard's Bastard, I have stumbled upon a great bit of software that enables you to make your own Obamicon, inspired of course by Shepard Fairey's iconic image.

Here are the ones I made, but have a go yourself, it's very addictive and a right laugh, make sure you share your goods with me and have a peaceful day one and all.


  1. Thanks for the heads-up Ortho, it's given me hours of fun!

  2. You Germans are so guilty, aren't you? I'm a fan of Prince Harry, myself....

    Regarding the oath of office yesterday here in D.C., I just heard that Roberts got the right words but mixed up the order in the first line and that Obama recited the correct words perfectly. I'll have to review the video.

  3. Guilty as sin.

    It was a pleasing piece of humanity, the word confusion that is, rather than Hitler...

  4. If you sign your art Damien Hirst, you could make big money. DH has 23 employees I believe.

  5. The Hitler-Obamicon is captioned wrong. It should read: "I'll get you, Butler!"

    Much funnier...


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