Friday, 9 January 2009

HOWL and Other Poems by Allen Ginsberg (A Mash-Up) "Unscrew the locks from the doors! Unscrew the doors themselves from their jambs!"

All these books are published in Heaven.

Hold back the edges of your gowns, Ladies, we are going through hell.

{HOWL} I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by
madness, starving hysterical naked...who bit detectives in the neck and shrieked with delight
in policecars for committing no crime but their
own wild cooking pederasty and intoxication,
who howled on their knees in the subway and were
dragged off the roof waving genitals and manu-
who let themselves be fucked in the ass by saintly
motorcyclists, and screamed with joy...who journeyed to Denver, who died in Denver, who
came back to Denver & waited in vain, who
watched over Denver & brooded & loned in
Denver and finally went away to find out the
Time, & now Denver is lonesome for her heroes...who in humourless protest overturned only one symbolic pingpong table...Who digs Los Angeles IS Los Angeles!

{A SUPERMARKET IN CALIFORNIA} What thoughts I have of you tonight, Walt Whit-
man...I saw you, Walt Whitman...Where are we going Walt Whitman?

{AMERICA} America I've given you all and now I'm nothing...America when will we end the human war?
Go fuck yourself with your atom bomb...America stop pushing I know what I'm doing...I'm addressing you.
Are you going to let your emotional life be run by
Time Magazine?...It occurs to me that I am America....America I'm putting my queer shoulder to the wheel.

{IN THE BAGGAGE ROOM AT GREYHOUND} Farewell ye Greyhound where I suffered so much,
hurt my knee and scraped my hand and built
my pectoral muscles as big as vagina.

{SONG} No rest
without love,
no sleep
without dreams
of love-
be mad or chill
obsessed with angels
or machines,
the final wish
is love
-cannot be bitter,
cannot deny,




  1. Ginsburg introduced polysexuality to the world.

  2. and what is this post supposed to mean?

  3. Stav: cheers dude, happy new year to you too.

    Ren: indeed, a good man.

    Mo: all kinds of stuff but mainly just finished reading HOWL...


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