Tuesday, 6 January 2009


That's right, Daniel Hoffmann-Gill (success has unfortunately made the third person in me come out) is working at the motherfucking National Theatre, as in Britain's Royal National Theatre, as in the National Theatre of the whole of the United Kingdom.


(And I know the above picture makes the National look like Hitler's bunker but it was all I could find...)

It came about thanks to being spotted in Zero and then getting cast in a workshop on a new production which is in the pipeline called The Girl Who Kept a Fly as a Pet. This is what is taking up all my time at the moment and it is turning out to be a wonderful experience. I'm working with a small cast of 4 very talented actors and the marvellous writer and a lovely director.

It is all very organic and creative; plenty of play, plenty of fun and a real feeling that in the framework of the working day we can make whatever we want, in whatever form we want and thus, it has become 7 people playing in a room.

Today for example, I got to be a fly pretending to be a chicken pretending to be a rabbit, an irritating man talking about penis soup and a member of the Cultural Revolution cutting off a girl's petit bourgeois plaits. And that was all before lunch...

This is real step forward for me in my career and I get the sense that I am on the cusp of something good, career progression has been constant over the last few years and this is yet another moral boosting step in the right direction; that I'm sure will continue with the tour of Poles Apart...but more on that at a later date...


  1. Congratulations big man but please... you didn't say W00t!... did you ?

  2. Congrats! I did not get it thought, is this a concrete cast? will you sure be playing at that? Great to hear in all cases!!

  3. I think you reached the apex of your career when you appeared nude in my living room here in Washington, D.C. Ahhhh, British humor.

    Good stuff.

  4. Kirky: spot on brother!

    Doogie: I said w00t. Kill me.

    Mohamed: not sure what you mean? I have the part in the workshop of the script and hopefulyl the part in the finished show.

    If I'm good.

  5. M@; agreed, a deffo peak and Johnny Depp saw me also.

  6. Now that's cool.

    Congratulations, man.


  7. I'm not surprised you were picked. You're talented and hard working at the craft.

    The US is the only country without a national theater or dance company.

  8. I am pleased.

    The future has presented itself. I see that by the end of the year, you will be starring at the National Theatre in some performance. When you leave the theatre and step into the cold night air, and head along the South Bank, the bright multicoloured lights sparkling like stars on the inky blackness of the Thames, pay attention to the dirty looking man crouching at the foot of the steps near the BFI. Put some money in his pot, for it in all likelihood will be me.

    The bills for the building work are arriving and if I can't get the insurers and the MIB to honour their moral obligation, I will be footing 40% of the bill. At this precise moment in time, that bill will be around £50,000.

    The good news is that I was approached to write an article about our experiences for Retail Newsagent.


    So when you've hit the big time, remember your old virtual pal. You might need a PA, or a lickspittle to be on hand to tell you how wonderful you are darling. Heck, I am pliable, I could probably get into that manlove stuff you acktors are all into.

    But yeah, good for you. I'm pleased that someone's got some luck going their way. ;-)

  9. 'break a leg' as they say.

    In related networking, the Improbable Theatre Devoted and Disgruntled session is this weekend and gets a mention in Lyn Gardner's section of the Guardian (Para 3)

  10. Darren: well, that's put it all in perspective and I feel terrible now, such things that are happening to you are so underserved.

    I don't know what to say, apart from it I do get rich, you do get money.


    Rashbre: thanks for that flag, very interesting indeed, I am a big fan of Improbable, as is everyone I suppose.

  11. Well done Dan!
    Good Times!
    Let us know what happens, would be great to see you on stage there!

    Happy New years!


  12. Hello Fulla, nice to hear from you boss, thanks for stopping by and keep checking in to keep abreast of all matters acting.



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