Friday, 16 January 2009

"It's a Disgrace to the Democracy of This Country"

The fine looking chap above is John McDonnell MP and he did something quite extraordinary in the House of Commons, so fed up was he with the refusal to open up the expansion of Heathrow Airport to a vote, to the political process in fact; that he manhandled the ceremonial mace (a serious offence in the Houses of Parliament, as it represents the authority of the sovereign and Parliament can't get together without it being present) whilst furiously shouting: "It's a disgrace to the democracy of this country!"

Marvellous video of the moment in question is just below, the first one has the row but not the fingering of the mace, which is in the second video (because bizarrely the BBC removed the footage from their website...). It's wonderful to see a man stand up for the people he represents, a true Member of Parliament and do look out for the refusal to sanction John McDonnell which leads to the division and count how many times the Speaker says 'Order' and is roundly ignored.

I do understand that it can all look rather twee and thankfully John McDonnell doesn't go berserk with the mace, which would've made better television no doubt but he would've lost his dignity and the widespread respect his actions have drawn. For the record, he placed the dislodged mace in the empty seat of Dennis Skinner MP, a notoriously wonderful character who is no doubt regretting not being there to join in.

The ceremonial mace itself has a grand history of being used to show disgust with the political process: John Beckett MP (a terrible old fascist) tried to take it back to his office in protest, Michael Heseltine MP famously used it to threaten opposition politicians and swung it about like a club, while Ron Brown MP threw it on the floor.

Who said British politics is boring, lacks passion and character?


  1. Yes, but the other men are standing up for THEIR constituents.

    Why is a NAMBY (Not In MY Back Yard) such a hero to you? The people obviously have conflicting interests.... You're an island. Don't tell me you took the damn bus to Boston.

  2. M@ you've not read the post mate or the links, aside that a third runway is a plain bad idea, the point is the government has made the decision without opening it to a vote at all so no one gets a say on the matter no matter what their opinion is and it's a big decision.

  3. Daniel, I DID read the post and watched one of the videos. Just like to bust your chops. Please don't cry. Men should only cry when they're really hammered. Whenever I get hammered and cry, strangers hug me and tell me that it's going to be "OK."

    I agree w/ you about the democracy. We're hoping to get one sometime soon.

  4. But what you typed made no sense and looke dlike you'd not read about it at all, ie:

    "Yes, but the other men are standing up for THEIR constituents."

    Well, they're not becuase there is no vote or motion to table or anything to do anything about, the airport is happening whether people like it or not, which isn't very democratic considering the impact of the project and the cost to the taxpayer.

    Glad we got that cleared up.


    PS: crying is good for you.

  5. Daniel,

    I meant that the other men were standing up for their constituents in that the airport would be beneficial to other citizens not in that immediate area or those unconcerned w/ the environmental ramifications. Make sense?

    Else, what exactly were they representing? Were all of them in the pocket of the special interests?

    Jesus, bro.

    (Bro = mate in American English.)

  6. And don't accuse me of blog cheating. I read the post. I even watched one of those wanker videos. Not for the content. I just like to hear Englishman speak. It's "brilliant."

  7. But that's the thing, they weren't standing up, he was the only one brave enough to posit the view that this needed to be opened up to debate in the first place.

    And no one is in the pocket of special interests but no one dares get up and ask for a democratic process on the issue of the airport third runway.

    Glad you like the accent.

  8. The middle-class, tree-hugging, eco-fascist twats who bleat on about the environment and airport runways are the same ones who jet off to far-off climes as soon as another Bank Holiday looms into view. It's this fucking hypocrisy that I hate in this country. With the recent security breach of Stansted, the noddies who were responsible were all called Tarquin and Sarah-Jane and had obviously used air transport once in their over-educated, everything-paid-for-by-mummy-and-daddy lives. Gaaaahhhh!

    And as for that cunt Alastair McGowan, I really want to punch that idiot right in the throat. Let's buy some land. OOooh, that'll stop the Government. Wrong, you knob. Compulsory purchase, ker-ching. New runway, bosh! All that's going to happen is that there might be a public enquiry that us, the Great British tax payer will foot the bill. Let's spunk more money up the wall that we could use elsewhere.

    I couldn't give a frig if they built 12 runways at Heathrow. The more, the merrier. More jobs, more tourism, more everything. So there'll be more pollution. Let the next generation deal with it. Global warming is over-hyped con trick because ecology is big business (thinks about the coldest Winter in a decade, heavy snow, freezing fog, etc).

    As for democracy, no-one really speaks for us, do they?

  9. Darren: I'm actually not against the third runway in principle, especially by environmental default.

    I'm also not a fan of certain elements of the enviro-fascist movement (McGowan included) but some of your assualt is heavily class prejudiced, generalised and a wee bit jaundiced.

    Same goes for your global warming stance.

    Best to not give up hope just yet Darren.


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