Sunday, 25 January 2009

Poles Apart: The Rehearsals Commence

Blogging will once again be light but for good reason, as I am now off to begin the rehearsals for the epic tour of Poles Apart. Obviously, I will update when I can on our writing, devising, arguing, wrestling and drinking wine process.

Witness above, the comedy genius of Mark Whiteley and Daniel Hoffmann-Gill in action, in Poland. It would be cool if any readers of Blurred Clarity could come and make it, full tour dates and details on the show are here and the video trailer, in order to wet your appetite, is below. I'll keep you posted people!

Do widzenia!

Poles Apart from Hard Graft Theatre on Vimeo.


  1. Is that tour paid by the door, or is it bought?

    The business side seems a full time job. News releases, tickets, outreach etc require time and $$.


  2. Venues book us Ren and pay us, a fee mainly but sometimes tickets and a fee.


    But yes, Mark does all the business side, which I dislike.

  3. In the top photo, I like how Mark makes a "dumb" face to impersonate a Pole. What the hell, guys?

  4. That's Mark's normal face and in no way a reflection on Polish people.

  5. Indeed and both are more intelligent that the Americans.

  6. I was criticizing you for it! But the Pagan Temple is gonna tell me something I already know.

  7. I didn't realize he always looks that way.

  8. Pagan Temple is a fucking tit.

    Mark is blessed with looks.



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