Saturday, 24 January 2009

You Go Tell 'Em Jean-Luc!

A quick one as I just need to share the following great news with ya'll.

First up, the disgusting Ronald Reagan invention: the global gag rule, has been repealed by Obama in yet another masterstroke of decent governance and basically doing the right thing.

And yet more bad news for the Christian Right mentalists, came in the form of the green light for stem cell research in the US, another bit of science previously blocked by backward thinking religious asshats.



  1. Great clip!

    Re your two links, the hope here is that they signal an administration committed to decency and common sense. It's pathetic that that the bar is that low, but that's what eight years of Bush/Cheney managed to accomplish.

  2. Thanks K and I couldn't agree more, the bar has been set so low that why should we celebrate such small wins but they are good wins never the less.


  3. I'm most excited about the stem cell research. Not only spinal cord injuries (did you know we're close to robotic exoskeletons for the disabled?) but therapies for BLINDNESS!

  4. Clinton did nothing, but continue Reaganism. He set the stage for Bush to have legitimacy. Heck he wrecked the welfare system, worse than Reagan.

    The economic crisis is to Reaganism, what the fall of the Berlin Wall was to Stalinism.

    Can you imagine how secluded Bush and Cheney, will be forever.


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