Monday, 9 February 2009



Back home briefly after a triumphant return to Kendal (we sold more tickets than Zero, can you believe that?) but off on tour again tomorrow for spells in Darlington, Wellingborough, Oldham and Spalding.

The only downer is that I'm spending Valentine's Night doing a show in pigging Helmsley, which is an alright kind of place but not the sort you want to spend Valentine's in if you catch me drift.

Poles Apart is proving to be a big hit with our audiences and especially the vast number of Poles that come to see it, I like hearing them respond to the Polish only jokes that are in Polish (obviously) as the Brits stare on. I've also heard Poles translate them for the English friends they've brought along and clap all the pro-Polish parts where we re-dress the balance and tell the true story of Poland's oppression.

The highlight for me though is the bit where we get the audience up on their feet and they do a little Polish disco dance routine, seeing a hundred people of all ages and types, grinning, dancing and laughing gives me a real buzz.

BTW, anyone seen my massive parking ticket?


  1. Ace pics there Daniel! Really good and all sounds fruitful with you..shame for you re. Valentine's Day, think mine's gonna be a hide away like Greta Garbo one ;-)

  2. With the apparent response you get from Poles Apart, it can someday be a war horse play. Wherever there is a Polish audience, you can bring it around to.

    The original script of West Side Story was about a Jewish guy in love with an Irish Catholic woman. What that is leading to, changing ethnic groups in Poles Apart, as needed.

  3. I'm glad to hear that you're doing well. Let me know when Poles Apart hits SoCal.

  4. Sara:

    Thanks, we are in Newark at the end of Feb so whay not make it along?


    Agree that it is something we can pull out but the content is so Polish specific but as a formula I suppose it could work. Interesting.


    If only, in my freaking dreams...Hope you're cool?

  5. Dan, may well just do that! What date are you there? If I have childfree weekend then this could be a doer!

  6. Newark on the 28th Feb Sara, be there or be square!


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