Monday, 23 February 2009

Amateur Dramatics

The wide eyed wild 1000 yard stare, the frozen smile racked with years of what-ifs and could've beens, the head twisted at a nearly grotesque angle. Make no mistake, this is the face of Amateur Dramatics.

Yet another week of Poles Apart has come and gone, we are now at half-way with four weeks of touring left.

Portsmouth was a winner, nice and busy and a grand old theatre although the digs were something from 1981, not only in decor but quality, our shower refused to work and the one we had to use utilised a unique control system, where you had no control over temperature or volume of water.

Chaos theory in shower form.

How these places survive is beyond me.

Then after the joys of Hampshire we got the blues in Worcestershire as we played Bromsgrove, hopefully for the last time, as this was the first show on tour that sold badly; although the audience that was there were a real treat but I think the people of Bromsgrove will soon lose theatre if they don't back it.

Richmond is always a cracker and it didn't disappoint, although at half-time Mark and I figured that the audience weren't biting but Act 2 was a triumph of audience participation and positive thinking, we Mark scaling the theatre's walls in order to bring members of the crowd together.

The week ended on an odd high at an unexpectedly good venue in Louth, although our audience was the oldest so far of the tour they got into it but the theatre's education and community engagement policy should be a beacon to other Amateur Dramatic Society's out there.

And speaking of Amateur Dramatics, one of my favourite blogs is currently being hi-jacked by a couple of amateurs who drive virtually every comment thread into shutdown. The blogs owner is not one for comment moderation or the removal of unsuitable comments, which is fine but I do worry that the level of quality debate had plummeted under the constant fire of this idiot (who in my opinion should be barred from the blog until he changes his modus operandi) and to a far lesser degree this one.

I myself am staying clear of it for a while, because whether the thread be on the Oscars, Obama or Pakistan; everyone is marred with degeneration and trolling.

Which is a real shame...


  1. Wild 1,000-yard stare. An oxymoron, me thinks....

    Congratulations on the show.

  2. Now the discussion turned to being about creationism, and church and state.

    Funny how rightists don't realize how isolated they are politically. Between Bush and the economic meltdown, they are dead. No more Reagan and Thatcher.

  3. M@:

    Why the transformed ID? Don't you think she is hot? He.


    We will have to agree to disagree Ren, I think it really is spoiling your blog and a swift bit of deletion or closing threads to comments could end it all swiftly.

    Oh well.

  4. I thought Citizen K, played a good role in the discussion. He has a calming effect.

    You have to remember, conservatives, contrary to their rhetoric, believe themselves to be victims. That explains their defensiveness.

  5. Yes, K is and was doing a grand job in the Oscar thread but the Paksitan SWAT thread and the Obama Policy thread are now tit-for-tat exchanges and forums for FJ's prejudice.

    Which is a shame.

    And yes, they play the victim which is never and attractive look.


  6. "we played Bromsgrove, hopefully for the last time, as this was the first show on tour that sold badly"

    Word of mouth can be a bitch.

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    Cheers for that spam.


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