Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Email of Support Re: Poles Apart

Back off on tour today, to Portsmouth of all places and the lovely New Theatre Royal in what will hopefully be another good week. We're also at the grand and gorgeous Georgian Theatre Royal in Richmond, Yorkshire, which on a Friday night is bound to be rammed, slightly drunk and laughing.

Before I go, would like to leave you with an email that we received from one of our audience members who helps the Polish workers in her town to learn English. Another proud moment...


Just to let you know that Poles Apart should be a training programme for all who work with the newly arrived Poles. Seriously, the way you tackled the issues was FANTASTIC, btw I was the one who 'translated' kulawa which does mean lame or cripple, however, I wonder if you had misread it and it was one of the most frequently heard words of Polish around at the moment!!!

You reallly should consider marketing this both as a theatre experience but elsewhere too.

Bye for now, Hela.


  1. I'm originally from Richmond. The Georgian Theatre is a wonderful little old place.

  2. Many actors wait for something to roll around. It looks like you make your own experiences, if there is no work.

  3. Great stuff Flaneur, we usually sell out there.

    Ren: yes we do, although touring can be a real drag at times, depends...

  4. Gas prices, food, lodging will kill you without what some call a "money mark" or donor.

  5. We don't have a donor, we just try and make populist work that sells and educates to some degree or another.

    So people from all walks of life can buy in to it.

  6. Ren:

    Loads I think but no idea how they get that status.



  7. The next time you tour America, say you're the Royal Theater.

  8. So that is how I'll get support in the US?

    Funny how people love the Royal tag.


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