Monday, 16 February 2009

Poles Apart: Latest Trailer!

Another successful week of Poles Apart has passed with great audience turnout and wonderful responses to the work, including in Spalding, of all places, where an orderly queue of Poles formed to have their photo taken with us and to congratulate us on telling the real story of Poland. A proud moment for Mark and I indeed.

This week, the show just kept getting better but I reckon that Spalding is the highlight so far as on Valentine's Night, a great show in Helmsley to a packed theatre, was a little spoilt by two people walking out just as we got to the bit where we join the audience together in a moment of sharing multicultural roots. Mark and I await their letter of complaint to see what the fuss was about.

I must confess, as they flustered their way out I had a dig at them by saying I was glad they were going, rather than having them spoil the atmosphere and the audience responded in a sterling way by engaging even more vigorously in going around the world in 8 minutes.

And below is a real treat, the latest video trailer for Poles Apart that includes live footage shot at a triumphant gig in Darlington.


Poles Apart Trailer from Andonis Anthony on Vimeo.


  1. Hello there. You left a comment on my blog a few weeks ago, so I apologise for responding so tardily. Looking forward to seeing Poles Apart in Bury on 12th March. Fancy a pint after the show?

  2. I think art groups can learn something, from the type of projects you produce. They are lean, and focused to a particular audience.

  3. Yes Jez, I'll see you there!


    Indeed they are, we've also captured a certain moment in the UK that brings political relevance to the work and of course, audiences.

  4. Pagan, your comment had to go, mainly becuase you only come here to sling mud and also, mentions of Eva-Jane are out of bounds.

    I'd also add that you seem to have missed the entire point of the post, which is that, they walked out during a part of the show that was about togetherness and occured right at the end. They could've left at the interval, in the opening act but instead they choose to go at a moment which is about the audience working together as one.

    It wasn't an emergency, they siad to the ushers that they shoul dhave been warned about the show and it was a disgrace it was on there.

    They were alone in that thought and as an artist, I'm used to people disagreeing.

    Unlike you.



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