Friday, 6 February 2009

Poles Apart Opened Last Night

And we're off, the Poles Apart tour is now officially underway and last night we opened at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre in Guildford, the place was packed and we did a mighty fine show.

Nerves nearly had the better of us in Act 1, which we bolted through like crazy men but a swift talking to in the interval meant we relaxed and enjoyed the Second Act. A game of two halves so to speak.

I think that the size of our house and the volume of Polish people in the audience bodes well for the rest of the run and the Poles in the crowd seemed to love it, although my anti-Russian jokes didn't go down as well as I thought they would, we'll see how they'll fair tonight.

Speaking of tonight, we're in St. Albans and not only is Eva-Jane coming but as are other people whose opinion I care about, so no doubt I'll be wracked with nerves again. Then the week wraps up with a return to Kendal (where we played with Zero), the home of mint cake and hopefully lots of Polish people.

Before I go, I'd like to leave you a great video-mp3-mash-up of the Christian Bale rant, which is currently doing the Internet rounds. And if you want my opinion, Bale is totally in the right to lose his shit.


  1. One would just think that a good Russaphobe joke would bring the house down, yes?

    Maybe joke was not funny? In old country, joke funny. In America, joke not funny.

  2. Any of the shows after 13 Feb near London?

  3. Damn! I really need to pay more attention to what's on the Yvonne Arnaud, what with actually living in Guildford and all.

    See ya next time you're passing through man.

  4. M@: Russian jokes are the old new black jokes. Get with the program.

    Clarissa: Newbury on 27th Feb and Aylesbury on the 14th March are the closest.

    Scotch: Bugger! You missed a cracking night.


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