Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Email of Support Re: Poles Apart Part 2

Mark & Dan

I know we said how good the show was the other night but couldn't’t let it pass without formally recording how much we enjoyed the show. I read the comments on the blog, especially the guy from Taunton and yes, you were expressing some comments about the troubles that the Poles have had to endure but we do need reminding of these issues and if comedy makes us think about the horrors that mankind inflicts upon his fellow beings then so be it, because we do need reminding.

Having been to Poland and seen the horrors left behind we cannot even contemplate what it must have been like and we certainly don’t want to experience that again.

On a lighter note it was a tremendous show and we just hope that you keep on producing such master pieces, both of you are brilliant and you both seem to hit it off so well together, (or is that the hours of practicing?).

It was an excellent evening, well done and we look forward to the next show.




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