Monday, 2 March 2009

Hard Week, Hard Volume, Hard Newbury

Hard week last week.

We spanned the country in our efforts to perform Poles Apart, from North Devon all the way to Glasgow (via Manchester=475 miles but worth it as Glasgow audiences are cracking), a brief stop off at my new most hated place in the UK: Newbury (via Manchester=390 miles and why Newbury has 4 fucking theatres when no fucker ever comes to see 'owt...) and then a home match (of sorts) at Newark, Nottinghamshire (128 miles).

Hard graft was worth it as, aside from the typical Newbury bullshit, we had a great time, seriously, Newbury is the new Shropshire but the rest of the gigs were not only busy but stormers. I'm going miss being in front of a live audience when this tour is over...

I also got some great news this morning, it turns out that British people are cleverer than I thought they were, as four out of five Britons repudiate creationism. I always knew that us Brits had an edge over Americans with our belief system but it turns out we are more Godless than I thought, which is good news indeed. I thought that our slide towards the worst elements of Americanism meant we would all start becoming Bronze Age, backwards thinkers but thankfully not.

Now all we need to do is convince those people across the river that God needs be kept as far away from politics, education and science as possible...


  1. The US Constitution, seperating church from state, is one of the US's best features. It's anithetical to freedom to oppose it.

    Persecuted religious groups, in countries without that seperation, have to fight for both political and social rights. With it you only have to fight for social rights.

  2. I couldn't agree more about the US Constitution and what occurs in nations that olack a similar document to seperate the influences.


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