Monday, 23 March 2009

The Perfect Show

Poles Apart is over.

And what a final week it was, from the steepest theatre in Britain at Salisbury, where we played to 160+ punters, through to a quiet night in the arse end of Wales, before ramping it up in style at monster gigs in Warrington (a play of two halves but by Act II it was on fire), Sale (where we ruled like comedy Gods in front of a home crowd) and signing off in Stafford, where a lovely audience gave us a great night to remember Poles Apart by.

Indeed, Mark and I felt it was the perfect show, not one single error from us and not one single technical glitch; add that to a terrific Stafford audience, utterly committed to giving us the love a good audience always does, got the love back a million fold. A perfect way to end what has been a fantastic experience, with a perfect show.

Having said all that, it might not be done just yet...

We had some important people come and see the show in Sale and they liked it a great deal, so Mark is currently in negotiations with regards to doing another tour but of venues in the next level up, not that many of the venues in this tour were pants, it's just that we may have an opportunity to play even bigger theatres and bigger audiences.

I really hope so.

Poles Apart is a play of which I am very proud, funny but educational, political but without alienating the audience, maybe we haven't seen the end of it just yet...

As for me, back to the actor's life of being unemployed, which means the Internet and the Wii will get some hammer over the next few months, until the next job rolls into view. Having said that, I've plenty of teaching to keep me busy and the blessing of not really needing to work due to my Kohler shower commercial being taken out for yet another year.

But you can't help but fear if that is the last time you'll ever be in front of a paying audience as a professional actor...the noise of the Stafford applause is still ringing in my ears and I hope I don't have to wait too long before I earn myself some more.


  1. Do you get any "perks" from the Shower advert? I only ask, as our own shower has just broke...!Any (how you say?) er.........Spares???!!!!

  2. No, the only perk is the money, no shower parts.


  3. Kicking back a bit sounds good - and indeed, a nice break for a short time and yeps, I'm sure more work will find its way to you..good luck with the next possible venture from the Sale experience!

  4. It seems you have had really decent box office.

    Much is written about the decline of theater; investment in buildings not actors, aging audience, lack of funding etc.

  5. I'm crying out for an encore! But, not so many bumblefuck locations! ;-)

  6. Just watched some of the videos. Good stuff. Wish I'd caught it at Newark. Grrr.

    BTW. re. the haircut fund. Where do I send the cheque?

  7. It seems impossible now, but I'd love to see Poles Apart performed.

  8. Sara:

    I'm resting baby!


    Yes, we did well with audience, economic crisis or not, people want to be entertained, to be cheered up and will find the funds for such stuff as ours and the theatre is alive and well in the UK I can assure you.


    We hope we can come to LDN but hard to find a gig that pays and yes, we do do bumblefuck overkill.


    You missed a cracker in Newark and I currently have a skin head so all funds donated to charity.


    I don't think the US will have us I'm afraid. Shame.

  9. Oh they'll have you in the States. I've heard Gitmo is lovely at this time of year. :oP

  10. Funnily enough Aaron, the play about torutre I was in, Zero, is going to Chicago with a CHicago based theatre company.

    We shall see how it goes down...


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