Sunday, 15 March 2009

Poles Apart: Penultimate Week

We are nearly there, never over, nearly done, indeed, this time next week Poles Apart will be over.

The penultimate week was a game of two halves, busy but conservative audiences in Taunton and Lyme Regis (of all places), things picked up in Bury (where blogger of some repute Flâneur was in full effect), went through the roof in Derby and peaked in Aylesbury with a massive night.

The last two really were big laughs, postive spirit and a genuine feeling of a job very well done, it is those gigs that remind you why you do it and the true joy of live performance, of people in a room having a shared experience.

Before I go and spend some quality time with my beautiful Eva-Jane, I have to share this image I saw in Taunton with you...

Please welcome to Blurred Clarity, Taunton's top wall caresser and light entertainer, Vicki Louise. Her posters may be shit but an evening of her singing demands your dancing shoes, your vocals and the threat of lots of fun to be had.



  1. ..............oH! I forgot to say.! I enjoyed the Bury Show very Much (& i didnt steal a pencil!)
    Tony Zimnoch.

  2. We did pretty well in Bury Tony, we hardly lost any pencils so fair play to you all.


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