Thursday, 26 March 2009

Raped and Killed for Being a Lesbian

I read this article some time ago but just wanted to share it, because it's content is so deeply disturbing and I think it deserves a wider audience.

The country in question is South Africa, which, like much of Africa, has a deeply ingrained phallocentric, macho culture; which has not only enabled the wildfire spread of AIDS/HIV but also enabled the oppression and repression of women.

This story perhaps sums up best the backwards attitudes still rife in that fine nation, the idea that lesbianism is somehow a disease, or a fatal flaw, that can be corrected by, in this case, gang rape, genital mutilation and in the peaked frenzy of such acts: death.

It's like the witch trials of Dark Ages Europe and developing America, these women, free in their choice of sexuality, are somehow a slight against the male-centric culture and an attempt is made to cure them of their illness by depraved and violent behaviour, these women are a walking reminder of the eternal weakness of man.

Please read the article in full, it really is heartbreaking to think that as a species we are still riddled with such primitive flaws and obviously, it is not just South Africa and the African continent that has a problem still, the entire world is still blinking through a myopic view when it comes to sexuality.

Speaking of which, I'll leave you with the cartoon below that I stumbled upon whilst Googling for images for this post...


  1. That's quite the shittiest story I've read in an age.

    Oh my god. But what to do?

    We can't intervene, and economic sanctions would mean more harm than good.

  2. Economic sanctions never hurt apartheid, according to Mandela. Nobody will intervene.

  3. Aaron:

    Indeed it is, I read up on a lot fo South African stuff cuz Eva-Jane is South African and her dad and family still live out there and I like to keep abreast of matters. No one can intervene it is a problem that South Africa has to deal with interanlly, just as all nations have to fix these cultural and social issues internally.

    But in the mean time, women pay the price for their sexuality.


    I don't want anyone to intervene, it is up to South Africa to mend it's phallocentric culture.

  4. economic sanctions may harm nor unharm i guess


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