Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Sarah Palin is GOP Front-Runner for 2012, I Can't Decide Whether That's a Good or a Bad Thing

I lied, it's most definitely a bad thing.

CNN reports that Palin is the current 2012 favourite for the Rethugs, Mike Huckabee is close by in second, Mitt Romney third, with Bobby Jindal a long way back in fourth. 10% of those polled have no bloody idea who to pick. Which is fair enough as, thankfully, the right is lacking quality politicians and characters of note.

But how anyone can seriously back someone as empty, thick and myopic as Sarah Palin confounds me and my expectations and beliefs about American people. Yes, I know, these are the same people who propelled Bush Jr. to eight years of power that very nearly destroyed America financially and spiritually but surely they are human and can see the damage he caused?

Why would you back a contender who is a carbon-copy of the idiot-savant we've just got rid of that crippled a great nation? Seriously, I struggle to pin a redeemable feature on Sarah Palin.

What is left when you've stripped away the belief in creationism, far-right Christianity, hatred of gun control, anti-abortion in all cases, thinks stem cell research is against God, anti-sex education, naive bordering on ignorant on foreign policy, no interest in global warming or the extinction of animals, backs drilling in Alaska, cuts taxes as deficits hit the roof, free-market health care (HA HA HA!), pro-death penalty, criminalising all drug use and a loather of rights for immigrants and economic migrants?

On one hand, surely she is so incompetent and extreme that she has no chance of power after four years of Obama but my faith in American's ability to separate the wheat from the chaff is constantly tested.

Here's hoping...


  1. The GOP is so discredited, it will never again have the US presidency. This recession has been the final coffin nail for that party.

    Reaganism is dead. It has no program or solutions.

  2. Sarah will be president, not in 2012 though, but 2016. After eight years of Obama and the Democrats, Americans would vote for Trig for President before they'll vote in another Democrat. That's the way we roll over here. When one party gets power, they always manage to piss us off so much we vote in the other set of clowns.

  3. "Front-runner" is a meaningless term this far from the elections. It's sole purpose is to give the talking heads something to fill up the 24/7 vaccuum they've created to sell advertising time in.

  4. Pagan: There will never be another Republican president.

    Rush Limbaugh is the unofficial leader. Except for Republicans, he is hated.

    I don't think you realize how visceral the hatred of Bush is? Bush, Limbaugh and the world economic crisis, which left the GOP in the dust, is the end.

    OT: The Last Order Club next member Mary-Kate Olsen.

  5. Tsk, tsk. Limbaugh is a radio commentator and humorist. The only people who think he leads the Republican Party are people dumb enough to buy into James Carville's bullshit.

    Obammy won 28 states and a 2.6% majority against an exceptionally weak republican candidate.

    I expect the democrats will crow about the demise of the republicans right up to 2010 when Obama will find himself with a republican congress.

    In the mean time, it's getting exceptionally dull watching the democrats breaking their arms patting themselves on the back.

  6. Ren:

    I seriously doubt that, the US is a conservative nation by instinct and unless it transforms itself in the next 8 years (hopefully) of Obama, then it may well slip back to what it knows.

    I hope not.


    I need to that Last Order club fixed up.

    Pagan Temple:

    Perhaps that is the case but I would hope that the republicans change their political outlook so that a simple character like her is not fit to lead the party. My hope is that the GOP becomes a better party so that figures like her have no place in it, that would be a success for a party with fine traditions that have been spoiled of late.


    I'm aware of this and understand it is a long way away but as a VBrit I ma curious as to how Palin can still have pull with she is as retrograde as she is.

    Gunner Sykes:

    I checked out your blog, nasty bit of work you've got there.

    As for Limbaugh, I think you're confusing the word humourist with asshat, if palin told 'jokes' she'd be a long way there.

    Obama won, deal with it, I know losing hurt you bad but do try and take it like a man.

    As for how the GOP will do, I think that will be a reflection of how stupid the American people are, if they forgive and forget the damage done that quickly.

    In the mean time, it's getting exceptionally dull watching Republicans breaking their arms spreading shit on the Internet.

    Take care.

  7. "What is left when you've stripped away..." Nothing I presume. I will not forget the smart looking 20ish guy who said on CNN in a street interview that he voted for McCain because of Anti-Abortion crap. This is what they vote on, and it is to my mind a growing majority in the US. I wish someone can prove me wrong. They will ruin their country to the delight of millions!

    btw, how r u man?

  8. Welcome back Mo, I've missed you comrade and your words!

    I'm very well thank you, domestic bliss!

  9. I will not forget the smart looking 20ish guy who said on CNN in a street interview that he voted for McCain because of Anti-Abortion crap.
    That smart "looking" guy wants the right to choose the mothers of his children. What with the cost of roofies, he just needs a break.

  10. You make me giggle Bud, nice to have you around dude.


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