Thursday, 23 April 2009

Anti-Terror Billboards

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The UK is becoming like the US but only after the US has started it's journey out of the hell it was in.

Anti-terror billboards have been popping up all over the UK, mainly encouraging people to investigate odd behaviour such as leaving rubbish out, having a camera, strange comings and goings (who uses that phrase anymore?), staring at CCTV, having more than one mobile phone, driving a van and regular use of computers (terrorist use them you too you know?), padlocks and suitcases.

I kid you not, the full list is here. It is Bush-American in it's grave and terrifying stupidity.

Of course, investigated means ringing up the anti-terrorist hotline (which I imagine is a bright red phone that glows whilst it rings) and snitching on anything and everything you or someone else deems odd, like owning some padlocks.

The UK government may as well run down the street shouting: "FEAR! FEAR! FEAR! BE SCARED PLEASE!" Indeed, this is pretty much what they have been doing of late as the political landscape darkens for them and any distraction from how bad they are doing is embraced like a dying grandparent.

Thankfully, you can make your own anti-terror billboards right here, so get stuck in and get creative with anti-terrorist sentiment. All I ask is that you share them with me.


  1. The Met checklist is great.

    They missed a trick, though.

    "FOOD - All terrorists need food. Have you seen a Paki eating a sandwich recently? We need to know the details (of the Paki, not the sandwich)..."

    Actualy, in anti-social Blighty, perhaps politness could be reported:

    "Terrorists will not know the culture of the UK, and can be spotted by the fact they are far more polite than regular natives. So, if a man or a woman with dark skin holds open a door for you or says 'thank you', we need to know..."

  2. I am not scared of terrorists, though I don't fancy the idea of being blown seven ways to oblivion either...hmmmm, it is a tangy pickle to be in.

    People seem to forget that not that long agowe were under continued terrorist threat. The only good thing to have come from the Twin Towers coming down is that the IRA (real or imaginary) suddenly realised that Dubya meant them too when he said he'd stamp out terrorism. So in those fateful hours, the terrorist threat from the Irish evaporated overnight. Gone...poof!

    What's my point? Well, if you worked in London up until 2001, you probably remember the calm shuffle as a bomb alert was called and we all made our way upwards to street level and then the hours of inconvenience as the tube system struggled to cope with the after effects of the bomb alert. That was real fear, because despite us showing Blitz spirit and doing as we were told for our own safety, there was a sense of a real threat because real bombs used to go off with an uneasy regularity.

    Now we have an artificial fear foisted upon, but it isn't really fear, it is bordering on psychotic paranoia. In the old days, we were politely asked to be alert for suspect packages, etc. There were no posters patting the police on the backs for foiling another terror attack. There was just a plea for common sense. But we don't live in an era of common sense, just reactionary news sound bites and "the fear".

    In the old days, there was hardly any CCTV, no mobile phones, no internet or email or digital cameras or whatever. But despite this Paddy and Mick successfully blew great chunks out of the British population and cities. So what makes Abdul and Raheem so special? I don't know. I am still working on that.

  3. Well, anyone who drives a windowless white van is probably up to no good. My dad had one for his business when I was a little kid, the same summer the police were on a manhunt for a child molester driving a vehicle of the same description. He sold the van for a snowmobile, which he later traded for a pair of boots.

    There's a British show that did a great sketch w/ a British man dressed up like an Arab. The guy goes on bridge in London w/ a video camera.

    When questioned by a bobby, he says, "Well, I'm really quite a bridge enthusiast!

    I LOVE bridges!"

  4. Whatever happened to having nothing to fear but fear itself, eh?

  5. We'll never live down Bush. It sucks that the rest of the world seems to judge all Americans by him. I never voted for him, but I still have to pay the price for his stupidity. *sigh*


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