Monday, 6 April 2009

Coming Up

I bloody love Paul McCartney and I've recently been hoovering up his solo releases and absorbing their greatness, with a view to some of the genius rubbing off on me. It hasn't happened yet...

When it comes to the musical faultline of Lennon/McCartney, I always fall on the side of the one who isn't dead, wasn't a wife beater and could play some mighty fine guitar, bass, piano and was the best drummer in The Beatles.

I'd forgotten all about "Coming Up" which is off Macca's 1980 solo release McCartney II, an electronica counterpoint to his first solo album released in 1970 entitled, of course, McCartney.

As a young chap, aside from a best of my mum had (which was amazingly missing this fine track), "Coming Up" was one of my first tastes of solo McCartney and an old good friend who sadly, I am no longer in touch with called Matthew Yeomans, turned me onto this pop epic via the hilarious video.

As if in pastiche of himself, Paul McCartney (the white Stevie Wonder as far as I'm concerned) plays all the instruments as the track jauntily bops along in it's funk groove. The title of the song also seems appropriate as at the end of last week, my wonderful Eva-Jane, in an act of sheer force of will, got together the crew and actors and began the filming of her own debut feature film entitled "Ten".

This is for you...


  1. He wrote Yesterday in a few minutes in a taxi cab. That is I believe the most covered song in history.

    I think Michael Jackson owns the Beatles's works?

  2. I think he does yes, which is a shame but I thought that perhaps, some had been sold back due to MJ's poor fiscal circumstances.

    And yes, Yesterday is indeed one of the most covered songs of all time.

    A lovely tune.

  3. I remember seeing this video for the first time on Saturday morning kids TV. At the time, the closest thing to this video trickery was Kenny Everett and I thought this video was amazing. I still do. I love the nods to Mick Fleetwood on drums and Sparks.

    I've always liked McCartney over Lennon (who I thought was quite a cynical and snide character) and still respect his musical ability.

    Michael Jackson is a cunt. The story goes that during the "Girl is Mine" video shoot, Jackson asks McCartney whats the best way of making money in the music business. "Well, Michael," replies McCartney, "If you want to make big money, get into publishing royalties". The rest is history and McCartney never spoke to Jackson again after he bought the ATV catalogue.

    Mind you, this is the same Michael Jackson who recorded nearly an whole album with Freddie Mercury then canned the project after he discovered Mercury was gay. (Those tapes have never seen the light of day, but those involved in the sessions say that they are dynamite).

  4. Paul is god.

    Have you heard that new(ish) Nitin Sawney track that Paul sings on? Pretty good.

    Have you heard The Fireman album?

    AND... a guilty pleasure of mine is a really sugary song by the Everly Brothers called "on the wings of a nightingale". I have been redeemed lately as I found out it was written by Paul - that makes it OK to like now!

  5. Darren and Stephen:

    Stop on the pair of you, glad to see some fellow Macca fans in the house. The video is indeed very clever. As for the Fireman, I sampled it but wasn't quite to my liking. Is it good?

    Oh and Darren, never heard that MJ/Mercury tale before, be good to hear the tapes...

  6. 'Twas of course recorded slower than you hear it and manually speeded up by means of, erm, running the tape faster. None of that new-fangled sampling there.
    Oops, did I spoil the magic?
    (scotchi music tech advisor)

    Oh, and it's got (from memory here) 'temporary secretary' and some bollocks about polar bears. Bloody rubbish.

  7. Scotch:

    I love th old techniques used by The Beatles and others to create the effects they desired, genius indeed. And no, as a big fan of Revolution In The Head no magic was spoiled, that is the joy of music.

    But for calling it bloody rubbish I'll have you outside for a scrap.

  8. Have you seen the "Back in the U.S." DVD? They start Coming Up (which I'd never heard before) in the warmup and cut to the show with a few short comments from the band. The one guy (Rusty Anderson) talks about how when he was a kid, he dreamed the Beatles would visit his house to jam and he would be sad when he woke up. Then he says one day in the studio, Paul says "Hey man I had dream about you".

  9. Bud:

    Not seen it but sounds great, think an album went with it? I had a dream last night bizarrely enough that I was in the Beatles.


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