Wednesday, 22 April 2009

I Have a Moustache

Truth be told, I've had it for a while and I am immensely proud of it.

In the acting game it is useful to have some kind of gimmick, at times acting skill are sometimes just not enough. Having said that, my height is one such gimmick, rolling in as I do at 6ft 6in (I lost an heard).

I used to have very elaborate and high maintenance hair which helped me get a few jobs and fuelled a few stand-up routines but as age creeps up, the old hair quality deteriorates and action must be taken.

Having been a fan of the beard for some time, it felt right, with my new smart barnet, to mix it with the big boys and go for the moustache.

Am I living the dream or what?


  1. I'm not sure if you look more like a southern gentleman with a rogueish twinkle in his eye as he surveys his cotton plantation pondering which of his slaves to impregnate first or the gay police biker dude from The Village People on his way to a hot and heavy session of bum fun at one of the many bath houses in Frisco Bay back in the seventies (before AIDS naturally).

    But yeah, moustaches are cool. The Missus said she'd divorce me if I ever grew one, so once I grew my facial hair as long as it could go without it being a full beard, then I sat in the bath and trimmed it so I resembled a Victorian gentlemen. I laid in the bath for a good 90 minutes like that...then I shaved it off and got out of the bath, so The Missus never knew.

    A man should have his secrets, you know!

  2. look like a fun Dad!

    Is it ginger? x

  3. My friend who is an actor, is married to a costume director. When he auditions he is dressed like the character.

    He has a hold on rabbi parts.

  4. Darren:

    The former, I think, although when my mum saw me with it she immediatly thought of Freddie Mercury, which she thought was a wonderful thing. Maybe it is.


    Fun dad? How old am I then? Yes, it is slightly ginger/blonde. You heard!




    I tell you this, going dressed as the part for the audition is fraught with danger but as long as you feel it, rather than doing an impression of it for the casting director, you can't go too far wrong.


    Cowpoke has mixed messages for me. Got anything more macho?

  5. In the U.S., mustaches are all the rage w/ gay men. Just saying....

  6. goat-roper? shit-kicker? redneck? barber?

    Actually, you look like you're going to play the part of Lek Walensa (and, yes, I know I butchered that).

  7. M@:

    Same deal in the UK but I'm winning them back for the straights!


    Keep 'em coming and I love the Walensa props, big fan of the old maverick.


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