Wednesday, 15 April 2009

I'm on in New York!

I have just learnt that my first proper feature film, which I shot last year entitled My Last Five Girlfriends, is about to have it's World Premiere at one the greatest film events in the world: the Tribeca Film Festival.

How cool is that?

The page dedicated to the film itself is here, so you can get to watch an excellent trailer for the movie (I'm the one with the big hair and fancy shirt at the start), where not only do you get a glimpse of me but also the lead Brendan Patricks, female lead Naomie Harris, good friend of mine Chris Gascoyne and the screen legend that is Michael Sheen. I can assure you that I am in it for longer than the trailer least I hope so and that all my lines were not cut out...heh...moving on swiftly...

The highlight though is the director's biog, where Julian Kemp delivers a very amusing monologue to camera (he trained at RADA you know love!) from one of the most unflattering angles known to man.

As Miss Lewis would say, you're a stalwart Kemp!


  1. WoooHoo Lucky you! Excellent stuff and may it reach parts of wonderment! Glad to hear it for you Dan, really am!

  2. Congratulations on the film getting into Tribeca! Looks good, I hope it does well for you.

  3. Thanks all and the idea of Bobby De Niro seeing me is quite exciting.

  4. Wonderful and no doubt well-deserved! I'm looking forward to hearing the reviews and preferably seeing the movie myself at some point.

  5. Indeed it is Dave and hopefully I'll be in Vanity Fair Ren!


    Hopefully you will get a chance to see it!

  6. That's amaaazing. Tribeca! Am going to check out the trailer now. Well done. Send my love to Bobby.


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