Thursday, 30 April 2009

Mr. Madiba

On my way to an audition this morning and just outside Wood Green tube station a young man handed me the above flyer.

Normally I don't take flyers but the young man looked fatigued and I took pity on him, glad I did as the flyer gave me some amusement as I wend my way to the audition.

It seems that Mr. Madiba was gifted from birth with special powers and is able to fight off black magic (by using magic I presume?), disarm voodoo, eradicate sexual impotency, enable business transactions, exams and court cases (a fantastic collection of events) to go very well indeed. Never mind his superhuman abilities to split up unwanted relationships and gambling.

One's mind is drawn to the fact that if he actually had all these powers then perhaps he would turn them to greater use, like ending poverty, war or Pig AIDS but no, breaking up unwanted relationships is his area of expertise.

A brief spell of Googling Mr. Madiba led me to this wonderful discovery, where the Advertising Standards Authority have ruled on the fantastic claims he makes. I don't know what is funnier, that some poor soul felt the urge to take him to the ASA after he didn't remove the voodoo spell on them, or the wording of the ASA report, which includes this chestnut:

1. objected to the claims that the advertisers could break spells, get back a partner who had run away and help somebody suffering from black magic, because she believed that they exploited the vulnerable;

2. challenged whether the claims could be substantiated; and

3. objected that the references to health, asthma and impotency breached the Codes.

On a different note all together, you'll all be glad to know that President Obama thinks that waterboarding is torture and that it was a mistake to use it.

How bad were the last guys in charge if this is something that he has to even say and that it makes me feel happy he has said it?

Talk about setting the bar low...


  1. I called Mr. Madiba and he is not picking up. Sigh! Now I have to swallow this fistful of pills again?!

    And water boarding is outrageous, I'm not really sure how did it even become a discussion topic wether it is torture or not. Are we duped to be happy that Obama said the obvious?

  2. I'll wait a bit before i post on torture. I could only imagine the discussion.

    I accept every flyer handed to me. I might want to attend an event.

    The most perfect flyers, tell when and where the event will occur. It should be able to be seen, without font that makes you dizzy.

    Greetings to Mohamed.

  3. Maybe Obama should give the magic man a call in order to break up the West's troubled relationship with our nefarious islamic girlfriend who wants to cut our head off?

    When Obama takes off his underwear, his genital area is completely smooth like an Action Man. True...

  4. Mo:

    The drugs don't work, or so I've hard my good friend...


    I shudder to think what we'll encounter at yuors when you post on such a thing, I have decided that it is best to say my piece and then end the commenting, FJ will go on forever, spouting the same nonsense. The arrival of Sentinal is alarming, his holds some disturbing views on race.


    Now I can't get Obama's balls out of my head...

  5. Reply:

    It's when his balls are in your face (or more specifically slapping against your chin) that you are in big trouble.

  6. Funny....I got the very same card on Friday in Brixton, London. I just thought I Google Mr Madiba and see what came up.

  7. I found an identical copy of this card discarded on a train in Redhill just yesterday


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