Thursday, 2 April 2009

Terry Richardson is a Legend

One of humanity's best photographers.

More of his magic right here.

Get into it and model for him, if you're man enough to get your tail out/breasts.

You heard.


  1. cool photos.. where did u get this? US president Barack Obama is here also.. cool

  2. These days I get my cock out for less than a fiver...the recession sucks...I used to charge a tenner...

  3. Jet:

    You get around...


    Cool. Not cool about Newton.


    Show me pics, how much for twenty quid?


    Yep, whether he'll use me is another matter.

  4. Twenty quid buys you the money shot. My baby gravy is top quality. I send you sample, in an envelope, in post. I make incredibly beautiful baby.

    If I ever make it famous...boy is the shit gonna hit the fan. I'm going to make News of the World front page for a month of Sundays! :D


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