Thursday, 9 April 2009

Watch with DHG

Via the legend that is Dave, a great educational video.

Yes, it is long but well worth the full watch, especially if you are, like me, exasperated at having to argue the toss with idiots all the time...


  1. Hola. I'm sorry, Daniel, but I'm afraid I just might be a bit contentious. I'm not religious. I, by nature, put more faith in science than 'the mysterious' but this video smacks of the opposite extreme and seems to denigrate those who 'believe'.

    I get annoyed with the self-righteous condescending attitude that some (usually leftist 'thinkers') take that immediately assume that people of faith are ignorant. Again, I am not a person of faith. I have none. Really.

    But I feel I need to defend them because I know some very bright people who do have faith and who are not idiots. Men of science can also be men of faith. When you boil it down to the quick, atheism is just as much a matter of 'faith' as any religion. Take as many logical steps back through science, evolution and the like and some point you will reach the point where you have to accept without concrete proof. You reach the point where you take a leap of faith in the name of science.

    I'm rambling and have been stirred by a previous conversation; so apologies if my outburst is disproportionate or incomprehensible.

  2. Contentious is all good by me and I do understand where you are coming from BUT I do think the tone of the piece may be coloured by the vile tone that the religious right use when dealing with science and other matters of fact, in the face of that I think the tone is actually restrained.

    I think the issue of self-righteous attitude is actualyl one of projection upon material like this, I just see hard evidence and fact in the face of constant sniping from those that use religion.

    Also, I am quite strong in my feelings that scienctists of stature are not religious because how can they be? I take this stance from exstensive reading and also from a well put argument but Richard Dawkins.

    And sorry, atheism is not faith based, it is evidence and fact based, this is an old chestnut argument, silly really; more importantly as the video pointed out, changing minds is allowed in the field of science, not religion, it is set in ancient stone.

  3. God damn it! I left a reply last night. It was witty and reconciliatory and ace. It has either disappeared into the comment vapour (let science explain that!) or maybe, just maybe, it's still subject to moderation.

    The gist was this: I suspect in a face to face we'd see more or less eye to eye; we'd rally against dogmatism and self-righteousness from whichever camp it originates. You'd still need to do you best that at the end of the day atheism doesn't require a leap of faith as well. Agnostically (oh, no! not one of those! they're the worst!) and fondly yours. e. xxx.

  4. "to convice me" is supposed to fit up there there somewhere.

  5. First up, no moderation here so whatever you typed was lost in the ether and apologies for that, I hate it when that happens.

    I agree totally that face to face we are in the same area on these matters, this is a minor divider I reckon over emphasised by the form we are communicating in.

  6. There's no evidence either for or against God, though there is considerable evidence against any particular fundamentalist belief in God that you care to name. You would have to be able to define exactly what you expect God to be, or rather what you mean by God, before you can even come close to proving or disproving His, Her, of Their-or It's-existence.

    I see what Ellie means though. I think the word she might be looking for in describing many atheists-and many scientists as well-is dogmatic, which a good many of them certainly are when it comes to a good many things both scientific and religious in nature.

  7. Hi Pagan,

    There is plenty of evidence that there isn't a god by any interpretation that any of the religions have come up with. I would also suggest that there is no evidence of Patrick's cheese god or the god of bras.

    As for atheist and scientists being dogmatic, dogmatic in the search for evidence and fact, that's a dogma I can deal with.

  8. You remind me of my friend Emily. She's forever surrounded by idiots. You need to stop surrounding yourself with idiots, Daniel. Stop going to Idiots Anonymous meetings, etc.

  9. So to sum up then:

    Keep a open mind, but not so open that your brain falls out.

  10. Keep an open mind...

    I are gud at English, reelly.


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