Thursday, 7 May 2009

BLK JKS in Stokey

I can't believe Eva-Jane and I were going to live in Stoke Newington (or Stokey), glad we just got the T-Shirt and nowt else, it may be up and coming but it's still pikey as fuck and can't beat Bowes Park.

We were there to see our shared favourite band, who were playing Bardens Boudoir, the legendary and beautiful BLK JKS, who I blogged about not too long ago and we had the pleasure of seeing at Cargo in the Summer of 08. The Telegraph have a fine piece here on them, that captures some of their elements.

They are a fine live band, on record their lengthy work-outs are powerful and compelling but live, they have a more visceral edge, reminds me of The Mars Volta, in that performing live, they have the ability to communicate their musical narratives far better than on vinyl; as if by actually being there the shared experience of what they make can be just that.

Molefi Makananise is on bass, standing sentry centre-stage, sometimes eye closed lost in the music, other times wiry and alive sharing grins with the drummer and complaining about people stealing his water.

Tshepang Ramoba is the flurry of arms, cheek and smiles that is the drummer, the wild one, pounding the kit into submission, show boating and intense at the same time; it sometimes feels like he is in charge of the band live: the heart. It is his massive drum work-outs that segue bits together and fill out gaps and it was Tshepang that decided when the gig was over, haughtily getting off his drum stool to barge past Molefi but not after twatting his fret board.

Lindani Buthelezi is the lead singer and guitarist, always looking a bit vulnerable and annoyed, blessed with a fine voice and riffs to die for he feels like the mind of the band, a creative tour-de-force who is at his best when lost in the music he and his brothers are making.

Finally there is Mpumi Mcata and if I have to have a favourite he is it, beautiful in a manly way, he lays down sonic soundscapes and if not standing, playing rhythm guitar with deadly efficiency, he is crouched down over the effects pedals, squeezing every last inch of noise from them, providing a wash of colour and depth to the offerings of the other band members. If Ramoba is a clattering ball of noise stage left, Mcata is the wash of sound stage right.

Eva and I got lost in their brilliant music and went home into the cool night air very, very happy indeed.


  1. glad we just got the T-Shirt and nowt else, it may be up and coming but it's still pikey as fuckOhh, you kids today have a language all your own!

    Seriously--it looks like English, but I can only guess as to the meaning.

    Will have to give the blk jks a listen to. Thanks for the tip!

  2. “but it's still pikey as fuck”

    Come on – is that racism really necessary?

    Pikey is a pejorative slang term used to refer to travelers / Gypsies and there is just no need for gratuitous racism.

  3. It's my terrible English BP, apologies, in a nutshell, pikey is a word that means cheap and the rest is just babble.


  4. Sentinal:

    Oh come on, I'm sure you'llbe happy to purge Romany people along with non-whites if you got your way.

  5. You're the only racist here - using offensive and derogatory racial slang.

    Pikey does not mean ‘cheap’ at all - it is a pejorative slang term used to refer to travelers / Gypsies as you well know – shame on you.

  6. “Pikey” is most certainly a vile racist term and one that you could be arrested for using and convicted of racially aggravated harassment under Sections 28-32, 82 of the Crime & Disorder Act 1998 if you directed the word “pikey” to an individual.

    People have already been convicted of this hate crime using the word “pikey.”

    You are a racist hate criminal.

  7. Sentinal:

    You know as well as I do what the word means, you know also the sense in which I used it, hence also Ren's explanation.

    I never directed at an individual, I directed it at a section of Stoke Newington High Street, as for the article you link to, theman in question directed it as at a collection of Romany people, which would make sense as to why he was charged with the offense.

    I love how everyone is a racist, apart from you!


    Thank you duck!

  8. In fact I read it aloud today in clas ( last 4 paragraphs or so) as an example of descriptive, evocative prose. Then we turned it into a writing assignment, and I got the most beautiful descriptions of Kobe Bryant, a horseback rider, a clarinetist, and Theodore Roosevelt. You made my day.

  9. Pikey is great bit of language. If that makes me a racist, then colour me Hitler. I'm done with political correctness and the drones who try their mind control tricks and drain the last bit of colour from our culture.

    Keep up the colourful language, Dan. I know you iz no racist and that is all that is important.

  10. Jessica:

    I told Eva that because it made me so proud and I felt truly touched. it reminded me why I got into this blogging game, to find like minds and to write stuff. Not to waste my time arguing with people who will never change their minds, as Eva said it is waste of my time and serves no purpose. So thank you for reminding me of what this is all about and not falling in the trap along with those that look to drag us all down.


    Thanks for your support mate, you'll have to ignore the sentinel, he is a racist and a delusional coward, I'm washing my hands with him.

  11. Sentinel:

    You didn't show, I'll elabroate on my feelings about this elsewhere, I'm not dragging my blog down into the mire with it but I will say, I was really surprised and disapointed.

    I knew we disagreed and you hold views I find deeply offensive but I really thought you were a man of principle and would honour your word.

    I was mistaken and because of you not showing I cannot, in all good will, give you the respect and time your bigotry and hatred deserves.

    Good luck.


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