Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Bollocking Email

I got an email today from my good friend Kirky, it was an email bollocking regarding my foolish attempted meeting with the racist. I'm publishing it here in all it's glory as a permenant reminder of my idiocy. Thanks Kirky, you're a good friend and apologies for being a tit.
Bro. ..........WTF!!!!

I caught up with your blog last night around midnight and was pretty shocked to discover your recent adventure. Without going into too much detail I thought your actions were naïve, pointless and stupid. This you already know! I’m just confirming you're right!! I just hope you got a good fucking clip off Eva.

The only reason I’m emailing you and not ringing you to bollock you is coz I’ve left my phone at home.



  1. Hi Daniel.I too read your post yesterday.
    Oh.I dont know........Im not sure if I would have done any different than you did.The World's full of wierdness......Its kind of difficult NOT to put yourself at Risk these days!I wouldnt beat yourself up about it either way (pun?).
    On the general issue of being honest about identity online I again agree with you.I really dont mind using my own name etc on my blog.I never did understand the point of hiding behind some pseudonym.
    I admire you honesty & integrity.

  2. Hi Tony,

    I think som,e people would've done the same, that doesn't make it right I suppose.

    I do agree that hiding behind a fake ID is odd, especially if you go aorund sharing your ideas and obsessions; best to do it with a maximum level of transparency.

    But then some aren't like us Tony and are cowards.

    Leave them to it I say.

    Thanks boss.


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