Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Images from the Afore Mentioned Wedding

Unfortunately none of ma and pa dancing to MC Hammer but a fair collection never the less...


  1. do you remember when you played Mr Banks in the school production of Mary Poppins? (i think we were about 7 or 8 years old?) Your look here is very similar (though taller - but not much).

  2. HA HA Rich, I do indeed and I think you have it down pat.

    Do you remember Sweeney Todd? I have a fake tache back then.

    Nice to hear from you, you well?

  3. Ah, the school plays...

    I'm good. Working on upcoming projects, trying to make ends meet, the usual.

  4. Some really good candid shots there - did you get clearance to post them?! :-)

  5. You look Dapper! Coolio pics and Eva jane has cheekbones to die for!

  6. Rich:

    Your talent deserves further exposure, your ideas are my kind of ideas, if I ever get a chance to assist you you know I will?


    Thanks and no, it's all illegal...


    15 minutes too many.


    Thanks duck! And you're right about the cheeks!



  7. Aww Dan you and Eva-Jane look so sweet.
    I'm loving your rigout here, what is on your tie???

  8. Lots of things, it is Viv Westwood and my 'best' tie. Thanks for noticing.


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