Friday, 15 May 2009

Jesse "The Governing Body" Ventura Kicks Dick Cheney's Ass

Ex-pro wrestler, Navy SEAL and one time Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura may seem an unlikely source for withering insight and powerful political commentary...but he is.

Watch below as he wrecks havoc on the terribly flawed Cheney logic on torture and gets the Bush administration in a headlock for good measure.

Finishing move? I'm thinking Jesse gives Dick Cheney the old overhead gutwrench backbreaker rack.

You dig?


  1. Sad commentary on our times when the most cogent voices of dissent come from faux newsmen and pro wrestlers.

  2. Jesse wasn't even a real SEAL. He was a UDT guy. I cannot take anything this loon says seriously.

    Why don't you focus on the a$$ raping we are getting from the bankers and the politicians that beholden to those wall st. bandits.

    We are being robbed, and you are worried about people who want to saw our heads off. F' em.

    Lynch the bankers and politicians who support bailing out bad bankers.

  3. UR:

    Sad indeed but a voice I'm glad of.


    He was a Seal, you can split hairs but he was a Seal and the only reason that even gets a mention is that the fucked up world we exist in tells us that to critisize such policy you have to be military, you can't just be offended by bad practice, ie: torture.

    Why don't YOU focus on the ass raping on your own blog, I'm not so quick with the blame game and analogies about lynching, which are not only in poor taste but poor thought also.

    Aside from that, lovely to have you here...

  4. I like Jesse... and independent politics.

  5. Like M@ I always liked Jesse (even if he did seem a bit of a loon; and I despise 'pro' wrestling). The accent kills me. Why do some of us (Americans) have to holler when we talk?

  6. Jesse has a right to his opinion. He says nothing to convince anybody either way. But, as for him, I remind you he believes 9/11 was an "inside job." His grip on reality seems a bit weak.

  7. You're right with the first bit Jeff, he has a right but his opinions are of much use and relevence, hence why I put them on here.

    And his grip on what is real and unreal seems sounder than most.


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