Friday, 1 May 2009

"Our Band Could Be Your Life"

The Minutemen are one of my favourite bands of all time, not only were they part of the SST hardcore punk rock scene that is the music my heart loves to hear the most, they also have a magic about them is less of the visceral and more of the beautiful.

And as it's May Day, it seems kinda appropriate that punk rocks leading socialists should be celebrated. If you don't own any Minutemen, seriously, get into it, buy every album as they are all killer records and invest in the DVD 'We Jam Econo'.

I'll leave you with some great videos and wishing you all a very happy May Day holiday.

For D. Boon, we miss you.


  1. May day it is indeed. I guess this is the teddy bear the elites give to the working men to pass the time while the elites enjoy their flight? oh, I guess I'll have to place myself with the elites!

  2. In Minneapolis there is also a pagan/political/music Mayday, the first Sunday of May, led by a puppet theater in a park, with a monster size puppet show. The puppets are on rafts in a big pond. Thousands attend.

  3. Yes Ren, I have read about the featival there, sounds just up my street.

  4. Good call D.
    I hadn't listened to them enough, they were always on my bluff list.

    20 years since the Roses too. God I'm old.

    All the best.

  5. There was thousands of people at the festival, and watching the parade. Politicos march at the back of the parade.

    I was there with Graeme. had fun listening to music.

  6. Scotch:

    Why can't I read your damn blog?


    Sounds cool, an asset to the community.

  7. Daniel: it doesn't really exist yet; I keep writing stuff and deleting it because i have no faith in what I've written. So it's only shut off out of embarrassment.


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