Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Slow Dancing to MC Hammer

My cousin Caroline got married on Sunday, to the lovely Mike and Eva-Jane and I were in attendance.

It was a nice wedding, with plenty of weeping and fine food and ales with excellent, pithy speeches by the father of the bride (my marvellous uncle Pete), the groom and of course, the best man (who seemed to have Mike in a constant flux between blushing with his head in his hands and just blushing).

The highlight though was a moment during the legendary wedding disco, where a DJ shouts non-sequiturs into a microphone, mentions the buffet being open and generally plays havoc with your ear drums. My mum was eager to dance but the music was not to her taste and she had no partner, as my father is a militant non-dancer and mentioned to me earlier in the day that if mum made him dance he would feel utterly humiliated.

Then something happened. The DJ slipped on the MC Hammer classic (indeed, the only MC Hammer song of note), "U Can't Touch This" and dad, watching my mum's gloomy face offered to dance with her. Her eyes lit up and they rushed (well, dad hobbled) to the dance floor and then slow danced to one of the worst pop-rap tunes of all time.

These are the moments life is made of.


  1. ....good on yer Dad! That's Safe!! x

  2. Oh, yeah! Makes me want to hug them!

  3. Should have played "Super Freak" by Rick James (Sid James's illegitimate funk-loving son) instead...just to see if they would have sung the words right.

    Ummmm...things getting better? Building work is completed, but I am still having issues with the insurers who seem to think that if I claim £1500 for damaged fixtures, they have a legal right to only pay £1000. We are in debt because we haven't had any business interruption payouts in six months (which we are entitled to) and the bank are fuck-all help. It looks as if they won't even let us sub-let the flat because we don't particularly want to live there anymore.

    On the plus side, last week we visited a card shop that is for sale on Debden Broadway. Very affordable, if a little unloved. It was very strange wheeling little Verity around the pavements of Loughton in the spring sunshine.

    But in the grand scheme of things, things are OK. I count my blessings that things weren't a lot worse and that it is only going to be crippling debt, rather than a crippling disability caused by the crash, that we are dealing with!

  4. So sweet. But why didn't your mother dance with her son?

  5. Kirky:

    Cool dad or what?


    You have permission to embrace them.


    Glad to see things are getting better and apologies for not mentioning the original SUPER FREAK!

    Uphill Rider:

    Nice to have you around these parts again, enjoy reading your blog.

  6. Very dapper..i must say the tashe is looking good.

  7. Congratulations to your cousin Caroline. This is a sweet story.

  8. Barnze:

    Forgot you're a fellow tache lord. Big it up!


    Cheers lady.


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