Friday, 19 June 2009


Seriously, the Internet should have restrictions on using it if you are the following:
  • An idiot
  • A racist
  • Mentally ill
  • A homophobe
  • All of the above put together in one terrible human mistake
Let's leave it with the ODB to put ya'll straight...


  1. I came across this dude yesterday who is living in America (not even an American citizen yet). And this came to that so he started ranting about how great the US is bla bla bla. I showed no interest in his arguments so he ended the discussion saying "all of you hate American but all of you want to go there!" this was when I exploded in his ugly face with the whole five points you listed in your post. He is a non American right-winger fereavensakes!! They don't come nastier! but I digress...

    I believe in freedom of speech, but not on the internet though! because those asshats hide behind their computers whilst in the real world you can't!

    My trip to london is approaching my man...I love London for the great british city it is! See you there ;)

  2. An hour spent typing on the internet is an hour not spent spray-painting synagogues or some other stupid shit. Let'em rant.

  3. Mo:

    Very true Mohamed, perhaps also his desperation to be part of America means he is willing to be blind in his defence of it.

    Let me know when you're next in London and we shall meet, much to tell you.


    If I have to take it so that synagogues can go un harmed than so be it.


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