Monday, 29 June 2009

I was on in Edinburgh

You may recall that last year I got my first feature film role, it went on to have it's world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival this year and went down very well indeed by all accounts.

'My Last Five Girlfriends' got featured on NBC New York who had it as one of their picks, the London Evening Standard highlighted it as the next possible Slumdog Millionaire and it picked up some great reviews here, here and here. Even Monsters and Critics liked it.

From the success at Tribeca it secured distribution with Media 8, which should hopefully mean that it will be winging its way to your local cinema screens very soon indeed; no matter where you freaking live!


And then, to top it off, the movie has just featured at the highly prestigious Edinburgh International Film Festival.


Then last night, whilst Googling the movie, I stumbled upon the trailer on YouTube but it was prefaced by David Schwimmer saying how much he wanted to see it! That's right people, David Schwimmer talking about how much he wants to see a movie I'm in.



  1. Looks good. Could it be I have a bona fide celebrity as my bloggy friend?

  2. last thing I needed was a movie about girlfriends! I'm single for what seems like ages!! can't you respect that? Screw you and screw your movie! you are all freaken morons!

    and that was all. But congratulations. No, really!! I'll see that..


  3. Phil:

    yes that will be the case and one day your blog will be trawled for deeply offensive things I have said, taken out of context and used as slings and arrows against me.



    Sincere apologies comrade, I'll do better next time.

  4. Woe, Excellent stuff Daniel! Can I come to your award ceremony at some point in the future ;-)

  5. Thanks Sara and Marinda, I'll pop over to yours asap.

    And the daft racist with a small mind and penis that left the offensive comment, you're a sad, lonely, jealous fuck who keeps checking back at a blog you profess to hate.

    Sad little man, just becuase no one loves you...

  6. PS: racist who can't use caps lock, I think you're confusing your mum with my girlfriend.


  7. wow.... glad to see you are still having various discussions with various racits and retaliating with the utmost maturity... otherwise very nice post. Shame there has to be any evidence of this negative bull... isnt that what moderatuion is for? to keep the petty shit away...?

    Thanks for the mentuion by the way... im guessing the context wasn't something I want to know about...?


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