Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Ian and Ronaldo

This is a picture of my (hopefully) future father-in-law directing Cristiano Ronaldo in a new commercial.

I put this up here because not only I am oddly proud Ian works with such people (and jealous, if I hadn't been away in Saint Lucia, I would have offered my services as a tea-maker and general set-bitch) but also because the only downside of Saint Lucia was having to watch my team, Manchester United, play like a bunch of mongbats against Barcelona in the Champions League Final.

The crowing of the local lads, who for some reason were decked out in Barca shirts, only made it worse. Eva accused me on being a hooligan and one of the reasons why I've stopped watching football, is that I find it hard to control myself and end up shouting prefuse abuse towards the TV/football pitch.

And what ever advice Ian is giving Ron in that photo, it sure as hell didn't work out that well for the bloody final...


  1. Could he be reassuring him that he definitely will be the centre of attention for the entire ad?

    I can imagine Ronaldo needs that sort of stroking.

    It was a horrible game to watch, I felt United ought to have been ashamed of themselves. All the work to get to the final and then they just didn't show up!

  2. Beth:

    Hi there, no doubt Ian is guiding Ron in the ways of acting. As for Ron's ego, who knows, i feel he might be a shy tender soul, that seems to the feednack so far, it is just on the pitch he is a piglet.

    Horrible indeed and I agree, United wasted all the great work, they seemed nervous, Carrick was trapped doing one pass and the team played no where near their best.

    A real shame, it was a none contest.

  3. I can usually tell how well I'm doing by how important the outcome of a game is to me. The worse my mental state, the more important the victory is to me. During the Super Bowl (in which my team--the Steelers--were playing) I got very agitated. I had to go into a different room and meditate for a few minutes just to put the outcome in perspective. Of course, it didn't hurt that they came from behind to win, but I didn't go too crazy with the victory.

    Also high on the cool factor is that your F-F-i-L has some clout in the very industry you're trying to work in, yet you make no mention of worming on-camera work out of him. Very well done!

  4. I would suggest Ian give the Pretty Boy some sartorial advice: Leave the Hot Pants at home!

    No matter how hot you are, it's just not a good look, Ronaldo. (Now, maybe on you, Daniel ....) ;-)

  5. Oh bollocks, looks like Ian was teaching him Spainish as the Ron is moving to Real Madrid.


  6. He's definitely saying:

    "If you don't get this right, you cunt, I'm going to drag you around by your nipples, you wanker. I'm the daddy, naaaaaaahw!"

    The nipple-tweaking gesture gives it all away...


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