Monday, 15 June 2009

Is the BNP Racist?

The short answer is, of course, yes but for a lovely deconstruction of the BNP's tired argument that they are not a bunch of daft racists, please visit this wonderful guide entitled 'Is the BNP racist?'.

Also, on the BNP are racists front, Sim-O has a glorious exposé on the retarded, bigoted idiocy of newly elected MEP Andrew Brons, who, obviously considering he is a racist, has decided that multiple Olympiad and overall athletics genius Dame Kelly Holmes DBE is not really British.

He states that: "I don't accept the term Black British or Asian British. Britons are the indigenous peoples of these isles." and goes on to vomit that British born Kelly Holmes is "only partially from this country, even if she is an integrated member of the community."

I'd be laughing a lot harder right now at the stupidity of them all and their voters, if some 900,000 Brits hadn't voted for them...



  1. I love that top picture of Griffin. I think I may have to steal it and post it. Just because.


  2. Oh good grief. Has somebody been putting something in the water? Bad as they are, even Republicans dont try to claim that Blacks arent Americans (though come to think of it, they do do that with Hispanics). What an idiot.

    And no doubt the comment moderation is to reduce the trouble with trolls, yes?

  3. Sim-O:

    Steal away, both picutres are good, the egg in the bottom one looks like a yellow spear of anti-racist anger!


    You got it and the trolls I'm holding back with modding are, of course, BNP supporting idiots who believe this kind of claptrap.


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