Thursday, 4 June 2009

Post-Holiday Blues

I'm sat here at my freshly repaired PC at just gone ten in the morning desperately trying to put into words how wonderful my holiday was with Eva to Saint Lucia...and I'm failing badly.

Very badly.

I mean, I could trot out tired old phrases like paradise and heaven on earth and use the word amazing a lot but that just doesn't cut it; quite frankly, we didn't want to come home and I had the time of my life with the love of my life.

I've never been to the Caribbean before but if Saint Lucia is anything to go by it is one of the most glorious places on the face of the earth: sun, sea and plenty of rum/Brandy Alexanders! It was a much needed two weeks of perfect rest, the only down side being a crippling spell of post-holiday blues that is leaving me feeling depressed and low in confidence and energy.

I know I need to buck up, pull myself together and stop being such a fanny but I'm in quite a bit of a fug at present.

Still waiting on the photos to be developed, as we went old school with analog cameras but the images will be burnt onto disk too and of course I'll bang some up here, with the vain hope they'll capture some of the doubt they'll be better than my words.

No pressure, no problem.


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