Friday, 5 June 2009

While I was Away...

(Little Hitler courtesy of Tim at Bloggerheads)

As many of you may recall, before I set off on me hols I'd got myself in all kinds of bother on the Internet. I was grateful that I was away for a couple of weeks, with limited Internet access and no inclination to blog; surely, I thought, everything would die down in my absence.


It seems that some BNP (I'm not linking to them but if you didn't know the BNP is a far-right, racist political group in the UK) supporters took a shine to me, either turned onto my presence by other bloggers or by reading my comments somewhere else.

Hence the comment moderation while I was away, as every day, give or take, they'd try and comment with homophobic, anti-Semitic or just plain nasty little barbs. All the while suggesting that the BNP were "coming for me", which I think can be taken to mean a party of idiots, striving for legitimacy, may attack an innocent citizen for no reason.

Cool. That's one way to win my vote I suppose...

Anyway, I eventually turned comments off all together, which led one of the racists to actually email me, which was great because with this evidence in my sweaty mitt, I could begin the process of getting them into trouble for harassing me. For now, in the face of this, it has fallen silent. I doubt it'll last for long.

All this nonsense reminded me of how hard I laughed when the BNP lost their membership list and the racist bigots were outed all over the shop and then I found these...

Have a nice day!


  1. i say kike boy, did you miss me, i say did you miss me son? u shld have styed on that mongrol island boy, co now wot u gonna do wen the bnp come 4 u boy? wot u gonna do???Friday, 5 June 2009 at 15:07:00 BST

    i say kike boy, did you miss me, i say did you miss me son?

    i see your full of piss and vinager bout everyhing! its the goold ol us of a here boy and i have the right to free speech so good luck son, i say good luck son!

    u shld have styed on that mongrol island boy, cos now wot u gonna do wen the bnp come 4 u boy? wot u gonna do???

  2. Oh I see, that explains how thick you are and why you referred to the BNP as the Brit BNP, clearly thinking that other nations have a British National Party.

    Oh dear, poor you.

    You also seem to lack an ability to use capital letters and it is you who have missed me clearly, you seem quite obsessed and if you weren't such a bigoted idiot I'd be quite flattered.

    As for mongrol island you daft racist, you are sadly mistaken.

    And as I said to you before, the BNP are not coming for me, only in your weird and no doubt wet dreams.


  3. Might be an idea to introduce comment registration for a bit.

    (And 'kike'? Who uses the word 'kike' any more? It's unfashionable these days, even among racists.)

  4. Agreed, but it seems the idiot in question has an id.

    Agreed also on the kike thing.

  5. When he uses a profile you can report clearly innappropriate use of the system. He'll keep using new profiles, but will leave a trail every step of the way.

  6. You're right, thanks again for your wise words and support.

    Much appreciated.

  7. I did not know BNP existed! ignorant me! should I be worried on my next visit to London of racist attacks? which areas do I need to avoid? I guess in London if you do racist attacks you would probably have to use nuclear weapons to zap the mashup of races that london has become!

    Welcome back from hols my friend ... where did ya get the money from? sold your principals I presume?

  8. You're lucky - the only spam I get is either advertising porn or how to make my cock bigger...

    But yeah, BNP what a right load of inbred losers they are. Do a DNA test on them and you'll find out that their great-grandmother was black and knocked up by a Jewish factory owner. That's why they get so upset about race. Of course, I jest. I wouldn't want to upset any BNP member or make them question their own racial purity because it might make them cry like a girl.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. The Britons are a long forgotten race and to argue to the case for racial purity or to rally against multiculturalism in this country is a joke. We are a race of friggin' immigrants offspring. The indigenous population was wiped out centuries ago with all those history textbook invasions and other immigrants who have come to this fair isle to flee all manner of persecution, religious or otherwise.

    Oh what's the point? They are beyond stupidity anyway and my quote "You can't argue with an idiot" comes into play here.

    Happy holidays! Bet you wished you never came back! :-)

  9. hey abe, u getting off on all ur ladyboy buttfuck fiends having a mutal welcome 'ome jerkoff 2gther, i say r u getting off son? no shock that a limey hymie like you knows shit about the carrib being mongrol, u know boy, like indian and black?? but now boy, i say now boy, wot r u in anyways? cos u sure as shit aint a proper limey now is you son? is that why u is a hatefull pice of shit? is it now son?

  10. Mohamed:

    You're kidding? BNP are a small, poxy part of the UK, you have nowt to fear of them comrade. As for holiday, I work bloody hard cheeky bugger.


    You and I lived it in Loughton, so we are used to the far-right vibe.

    Daft Racist:

    Once again, homophobia because you are confused by friendship, as clearly you have no friends. Mongrol is not a good word to use with the West Indies, it is a racist term, as you are a racist.

    I've let your words hang you enough now, I find it funny you call me hateful when all you leave here is bile and rubbish.

    As for being a proper limey, not sure what you mean but no doubt you're being racist, again...but until you can use a shift key and not be a terrible bigot, this will be your last comment here.

    Take care sweetheart!

  11. I'll send you those details you need shortly, DHG

  12. Well, at least you can be thankful that your bunch of bigotted racists didnt run your country for eight years.


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