Monday, 8 June 2009

Will Obama Catch Evil off of Dr. Henry Kissinger?

Let us hope not but the sheer volume of disembodied skulls and remains of dead children that follow Dr. Henry Kissinger around could possibly rub off on Obama, due to sheer weight of their numbers and invest him with serious evil ju-ju.

I think to be on the safe side, Obama should quarantine Dr. Henry Kissinger in some kind of concrete bunker and never go anywhere near him again. He was after all the man who said the following:
"I don't see why we need to stand by and watch a country go communist due to the irresponsibility of its people. The issues are much too important for the Chilean voters to be left to decide for themselves."
"The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes a little longer."
And in more bad news today, the people of Yorkshire and Humberside, as well as the North West got an MEP they clearly deserve, when they foolishly voted in members of the BNP to represent them. Yes, that's right, the party whose policies come down to blame everything on the foreigners and don't engage with the outside world at all, like backwards, isolationist fucks; have people who'll vote for them.

Actually, less people voted for them in this Euro election but due to the spread of the vote, it was enough to get them two MEPs and, horrifically, over 900,000 people voted for the BNP. This may not seem much in a nation that boosts some 61 million people and yes, they did come behind the Green Party but it is 900,000 too many.

Something inside has died...


  1. 940,000 votes is depressing but if we see it in a wider context the growth of the BNP has slowed dramatically.

    In 1999 the party won around 100,000 votes at the European elections, in 2004 they won over 800,000 and in 2009 they've won 940,000.

    Unfortunately anger with the other parties was high enough so this figure was enough to get the BNP two MEP's.

  2. I agree but anger is all well and good but seriously, even a slight interrogation of their policies exposes the terrible and unworkable flaws in them and yet, still, some 900,000+ manage to vote for them, in spite of this?

    Madness I'll never understand.

  3. For the first time in my life I did not vote Labour. It was hard for me, but I had to remember all those who fought and died for my liberty and the democratic process and still exercise my responsibilities. I didn't want to spoil my paper, so I voted for the Green Party. It felt right...

    Don't worry about the BNP, if their track record in local council politics is anything to go by, they'll soon prove to be ineffective.

  4. Darren:

    Good choice with the Greens and also correct about the BNP, they have no power at being in power but the fact that they have 2 MEPs is still two too many.

  5. But you have to take some solace that voter apathy is responsible for the British Nazi Party getting their seats. But saying that, the same apathy put dear Mr Hitler into power.

    What's more worrying is the cash they are getting from their new appointment in Europe, which will probably be frittered away on more racist propaganda.

    What about the Pirate Party getting a seat, eh? What are your thoughts on that? (And these guys don't wear eye-patches and own parrots but want reformation of the copyright laws in relation to the World Wide Web)

  6. Darren:

    Of course, I take some solace from that fact and that 900,000 is a poxy but stupid proportion of the UK and in every other circumstance the BNP have been destroyed at every turn.

    It just upsets me that so many people are that thick and myopic to bang on about English speaking people (what about non-whites that speak English, I presume they don't count?) and pretend that racism and being a bigot are good things, when in reality, they expose you as the lowest dross that humanity can foster.

    Oh well, I should be grateful I'm not one of the daft fucks who've fallen for it.

  7. Good Lord, that bloated sickly ballon is Kissinger? Hopefully he will soon end up in the dustbin of history.



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