Monday, 20 July 2009

Bloody Hell! England Trounce Aussies at Lord's!

I love the photo above, the England cricket team celebrating, laughing, taunting the dismissal of arch-cobber Ricky Ponting.

Just look at his ratty, twisted face as he disputes the umpire's decision!

Brilliant stuff.

Anyway, today is a special day as for the first time since 1934 (and for only the second time ever) England beat the Australians at Lord's. I mean, they nearly made a hash of it but thanks to soon to be retiring Freddie Flintoff they bested the buggers and English cricket can once again do a little dance in it's pants.

So in honour of Big Fred, he's some videos of his best bits...



  1. I dropped the result into an email to an Australian colleague - she replied that she doesn't like cricket!

    No wonder she is living in London... she was kicked out of Australian for sporting treason!

  2. Ellie:

    Heh, yes, not sure how down you are with cricket but Britain doesn't really exist. Are you allowed to be English?


    Yes, you need to support your nation full bore over there and fair play to them.


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