Friday, 10 July 2009

Online Racists Jailed and I May Have Some More Suggestions...

Cheering news today that the two daft racists pictured above, Stephen Whittle and on the right Simon Sheppard, are to be locked in prison for inciting racial hatred online.

There is clearly hope for me yet, in my dealings with all the bigots out there!

They got seven years inside between them, where hopefully they will be based in cells with non-whites to give them a crash course in racial tolerance and understanding.

The funny bit of this story is that the cheeky racist bastards tried to claim asylum in the United States, the irony of white supremacist asylum seekers cannot be lost on anyone, even the most ludicrous of bigots must have a giggle at that, although knowing how pompous and how seriously they take themselves, I doubt they'll raise a smile.

I'm laughing all the way to the bank though.

Have a nice weekend comrades, I know I am!


  1. cool! well earned! I always thought white folks were inferior ... we were building pyramids, doing cosmology and advanced mathematics when the tidy whities were still dwelling on tree tops! plz visit my new home:


  2. Is the one on the left a ghost? We can see through him! (Oddness of the photo).

  3. I hope they don't have Internet privileges wherever they're going.

  4. Mohamed:

    That made me laugh, I only wish that brown-supremacist was a real site.


    Noted, think it's a photoshop job, either that or being a racist makes you see through.


    I'm chuffed the US sent them back to us to face jial time.


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