Friday, 17 July 2009


I have a confession to make.

I am a sweater, a heavy sweater.

Thus, I was excited to hear of a new anti-sweat product called Perspirex and as I was early to teach acting out in North London I popped into a chemist to get some.

The chemist was packed but I strolled to the counter and enquired if they had any Perspirex for me to purchase, the assistant looked at me as if I were mad and made me repeat the product name a few times, he then asked what it was for.

So, in a packed chemist, I started to explain that it stops heavy sweating, from which I suffer and as he was hard of hearing, he kept getting me to repeat what it was for; his friendly mate then came out and got me to repeat the whole story all over again before the original shop assistant, who by now was on a computer looking it up, made me spell it out so that I ended up shouting in the busy store:


Eventually he found it and with a little whoop of joy shouted out "PERSPIREX!" and proceeded to exclaim that it is a roll-on that stops heavy sweating.

It turns out they didn't have any.

Thank God I didn't have thrush.


  1. I'm a sad, lonely person, please help me!

  2. Do they do a version that can be applied to the forehead?

    I'd buy that.

  3. You need Odaban. Its absolutely brilliant stuff. Basically you put it on for a few nights before bed, sleep in it and rinse it off in the morning - totally stops it.

    I think you can use it pretty much anywhere too.

    Its about £6-ish and lasts for absolutely ages and I think you can use it on your forehead too.

  4. I've always found it amusing that there's a haemorrhoid treatement called "Anusol". I repeat, "Anusol".

    Basically, it is named after the area of your body that you apply it to. Handy that...

  5. Anon: sorry to hear that, stick with it.

    Neil: now that made me laugh hard.

    Beth: thanks for the sweat facts Beth, you're a diamond.

    Darren: yes, a blessing I didn't have to get some of that, not yet anyway.

  6. Sorry - Forgot to add that its an online only thing, I don't think you can get it in shops!

  7. Just wait until you're a dad and find yourself requesting all sorts of embarrassing items. This probably explains the data-mining story that American males who buy diapers on Friday afternoons also tend to pick up a case of beer.

  8. Beth: you're a mountain of sweat facts!

    Jess: I hope you're right, I look forward to it.


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