Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Shatner Does Palin Speech

You may recall Alaskan Governor and GOP-MILF Sarah Palin resigning and invoking her own death?

Well before she left she delivered a typical rambling monologue that was littered with non-sequiturs, excessive pausing and bizarre imagery. This deeply disturbing speech can be seen here and here.

Thankfully, the legend that is William Shatner stepped into the breech and transformed the political car crash into one of his most legendary spoken word performances of all time, nearly as good as his interpretation of Elton John's 'Rocket Man' which is also below, just in case you missed it.

Enjoy the Shatner magic people...


  1. That sent shivers down my spine. I love a bit of Shatner.

    The real one also made me shiver, but for different reasons.

    Awful woman.

  2. Shoot. I missed it before the copyright people came.


    Shatner (who I wanted to marry when I was a little girl and he was Captain Kirk) is more comprehensible than the original!

    Doesn't that woman have advisors?

  4. Glad you came back and saw it.

    Ans clearly she cares little about advice.

  5. MILF....oh yes. Though I'm not sure the mood won't be ruined by all the run on sentences and non sequitur.

    Glad she'll probally done politically...oh yes.

    The GOP certainly has better to offer. Sarah Palin is nice to look at and she'll be a good fund raiser. Even then her fund raising speeches should probably be limited to parading around in a republican bikini...not saying anything just bringing in the money.

  6. Very true Jeff, very true and her in a bikini...


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